Stupid Questions You Shouldn’t Ask in Guangzhou Wholesale Markets

This post is not about intelligent ways or any art to ask stupid questions, rather, it is about dump questions that you should not speak out in Guangzhou wholesale markets. An experienced shopper would not raise these dump questions even he has been thinking about them all the way. It makes no sense to ask because you can guess the answer and asking these silly questions only let people know you are a completely green hand, which would lead to higher price or other bad results.

Please think twice before you ask.

1. Are you a manufacturer?

It is the most stupid question but I’ve heard many of my customers asking in Guangzhou wholesale markets. I should have stopped them. Or I should stand in a distant place, pretending I don’t know them.

What silly question!!!



Of course everybody would tell you yes. Nobody would tell you no.

The IQ of the sales person who tells you they are not manufacturers is at the same level with the one who raises the question.

Would you prefer buying directly from China factory at low price or buy from China wholesaler at higher price?

2. Are you wholesaler or retailer?

Please be aware we are now in the wholesale markets not in the Pedestrian Street or shopping mall such as Beijing Road or Teen Mall.

Asking such dump question only exposes the fact that you are a newcomer and totally unfamiliar with the wholesale markets. You would get exorbitant price if you are coming alone without any Chinese friend.

3. Can you give me the contact detail of the supplier?

Suppose you are shopping at Beijing road, you find the clothes in one store are very nice, you want to find the supplier of the store and custom made yours, so you ask the store for the contact number of the supplier.

Of course they would not give you, the result can be expected.

How can you be so direct to the point?

If your customers ask you for the contact details of your Chinese manufacturer, would you give them?

4. Can I return it/cancel the order and refund the money?

I’ve met few customers ordering something, after coming back to the hotel thinking for one night or several days, then determined to go to the market to return the goods or cancel the order.

I dare say, 98% of the suppliers would not cancel the order for you. They would give excuses such as the materials has been prepared and we’ve manufactured some of them to meet delivery time, even if they can cancel, they would find lots of excuses to make your money.

Market is not a place for changing minds frequently. If you are hesitant about the order, do not buy or place it with advance payment.

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  1. Hi Sally,

    I used to purchase from Thailand wholesale market for my fashion boutique business. However designs are limited and I would like to try Guangzhou for better choices.

    I am however concern about shipping and delivery back to Malaysia. I do not know any agent in China. Hope you can help.

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