Shi San Hang Clothes Wholesale Markets – Top Tips to Bear in Mind For Doing Business

Shi San Hang Lu is a busy street in Guangzhou with lots of clothes wholesale markets in various sizes and countless packages of clothes going in and out of the markets. Centered around Shi San Hang Lu, different markets blossom and form the busiest business area with the longest history in Guangzhou. Each day thousand tons of clothes and about millions of people are seen there. It has a large scale business impact, reaching every corner of China, Russia, Southeast Asia, etc.

Shi San Hang Garment Wholesale Center mainly consists of several wholesale markets, including Xinzhongguo Clothes Wholesale Market, Hongbinatian Garment Wholesale Market, Guyi Street, Doulan shang jie, Heping East Road Clothes Wholesale Market, etc. Xinzhongguo Clothing Wholesale Market is the biggest among all. It was built in July, 1996, and didn’t open up until the end of 1998. Clothes factories from many parts of China have launched their own stores there, including those from Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, etc, forming an ideal market zone for doing garment business.

Shi San Hang Clothes Wholesale Market mainly offers clothes at middle rank, including fashionable Korea style women’s dresses at middle and top quality. It covers such a wide variety that almost every style of Korea dresses can be found. Xinzhongguo Clothing Wholesale Market mainly engages in selling middle and high quality clothes while Hongbiantian Garment Wholesale Market and Doulan Jie offers low and middle quality clothes.

Shi San Hang Clothing Wholesale Market usually opens from 7am to 12 pm, however, most of the stores would open at 5-6 o’clock in the morning, and close at about 12:30 pm. As a result, it is better to go there early if you want to buy clothes.

Product range:

Fashionable Women’s Clothes of Korea Style, men’s clothes, sportswear, pajamas, children’s clothes, women’s boots, leather boots, leather belts, hats, handbags, jeans, etc.


The nearest bus stop is Kangwang nan Lu.

Shi San Hang Clothes Wholesale Markets
Shi San Hang Clothes Wholesale Markets
Shi San Hang Lu
Shi San Hang Lu

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  1. I am in south Africa planning to open a boutique soon I am very interested in becoming one of your buyers please furnish me with necessary information on how to buy from china clothing markets

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