Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market — An Exploration of Zhanxi Clothing Market Area

Guangzhou Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market, situated in the south tower of Guangzhou Liuhua Hotel, is adjacent to Guangzhou Railway Station and Provincial Bus Station with convenient logistics either through subway, railway or by air. It is the golden path to China Import and Export Fair and one of the most important clothing wholesale markets that have attracted businessmen all around the world.

Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market covers a total area of about30,000 m2, more than 2,000 stores, 1,000 offices as well as a parking lot of over1,500 m2. About 20 elevators, several lobbies for having rest, a large scale restaurant, bank, business center, computer center, internet café, logistic center, etc, all these have contributed to its drastic development.

Thousands of factories locate their own stores in Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market with glittering arrays of fashionable clothes at competitive rates. It has attracted customers from more than 30 provinces in China and from other regions including southeastern part of Asia, Africa, Europe, US, etc. Each year the business deals can reach as high as several hundred million RMB, a miracle in the garment industry in China.

Different Floors:

B1: Fashionable women’s dresses, women’s underwear, women’s clothes, women’s fashion accessories, etc. All are targeted at overseas customers.

1st Floor: Women’s clothes and men’s clothes both for customers at home and abroad. Jackets, fur clothes, etc for men and women in winter are available here with minimum quantity requirement.

2nd Floor: The same as the 1st floor.

3rd Floor and Above: Offices.

Basic Rules for this Wholesale Market:

Usually, 5 pieces is the minimum quantity to enjoy wholesale price. Sometimes, it is necessary to get more than 5 pieces for one size, and the good thing is that you can choose different colors.

Address:South Building of Liuhua Hotel, No.194, Huanshixi Lu,Guangzhou


Contact Number: 020-86668428


Metro: Take Metro line 2 or line 5, and get off at Guangzhou railway station, then go to exit G. Go to Baima Clothing Wholesale Market, and walk straight to the south for about 3 minutes, then you will come to Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market.

View more photos of Guangzhou Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market:

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