BIG is a trading and buying agent company based in Guangzhou with an extensive experience in many kinds of goods and specialized in fashion and lifestyle products.  Thanks to our 15 years experience, we have selected wholesalers, and small medium size factories that offer us unbeatable prices matched with quality and timely manner delivery.

Two ways to cooperate with us:

1 – Factory direct order, you must visit china: – this is the preferable way and will lead you to better success and business results, you will come to Guangzhou China and one of our highly experienced, perfect English speaking project managers will follow you. The project manager will meet you in your hotel or at our office and after short acquaintance will lead you to the relevant factories/markets to search for what you need. There you will directly negotiate the details with the suppliers and we will assist you to follow all the production until shipment is done.

For pricing and costs of this please contact us

2 – We produce for you and you don’t come to china: Send us your inquiry with the products you need, quantity, pictures and possibly quality you are expecting. Please, consider that we do not work with cheap and poorly made products, unless you don’t want to sell to your customers products that will break within few days. We will send our quotation in timely manner and you can take all the time you need to make a decision.

In this option, don’t expect to visit the factories, neither sellers, because we have selected our sources and we are responsible for the entire production process, including quality checking and testing, a very big issue in China, if you have already dealt with Chinese factories and traders.

Product categories we are expert with:

Clothes and accessories for women, men and kids
Gold, silver and steel jewelry
Women and men shoes, handbags and backpacks
Beauty products
Home décor
Mobile phone accessories
Building material
Fabrics and printing on fabrics
Electronic accessories.


  1. Designing, prototyping, testing, sampling and production.
  2. Wholesale and manufacturing with a total buying amount starting from USD 20K, depending on the product category.
  3. In the case you decide to produce with us, we also take care of the product quality, sorting, custom/shipping docs and safe shipping.
  4. We offer an extra layer of services, that you will never get from other Chinese wholesaler and factories.
  5. We will ship at our expenses and for FREE those products that, accidentally, you could get broken or not well functioning.
  6. For the trouble we have accidentally caused, we will offer also an extra discount on the second order you will place with us
  7. We offer 365 days customer service, even during the weekends we are always reachable on chat and even on smartphone.


Production on custom made designs can require a minimum quantity of 100-200 pieces. A final answer on the MOQ will be given after we see pictures/sketches of your design.

Silver jewelry and gold can be done from 30 pieces, while custom made gold jewelry starts from 1 piece.

As to MOQ of other goods, please send us email with detailed information.



Every day we receive loads of inquires with illusions that basic economics don’t apply in China, I’m looking for $1-2 high quality T-shirts, starting a high end clothing brand with a budget of $5000, or making several pieces of clothes with budget of several dollars, please note that we’ll not answer to these emails.

Please be as clear as possible and tell us about what types of products you are looking for, style, quantity, and target price. Thanks.

What we don’t do:

Copy brands for any products, this is illegal and we don’t do this.
We don’t deal with second hand phones or computers.
We don’t work for free. You can get loads of free info in our Blog, but don’t ask us please give me contact number of t-shirt supplier.

CONTACT US or email us at


  1. helo i work in the electronics trade sector specifically wholesale and retail sale of refurbished/used smart phones and laptops, so i desperately want a very good and reliable suppliers of these items.

  2. Hello. I want to buy BIO Aqua Cosmetic Products from China to Pakistan Karachi. So could u send me the proper procedure of it including shippring way and charges also.

  3. Hello dear friends! My name is Gennady. I’m from Ukraine. I am engaged in sale of jewelry from test silver 925.I want to cooperate with you on a wholesale supply basis.

    Give me answers to very important questions:
    1. Do you agree to sign an external economic cooperation agreement with me?
    2. Are you ready to give me a catalog of the price list of your products?
    3. How much should I order?
    4. Please tell me, do you have such documents:
    – Commercial invoice,
    – Packing list,
    – Export declaration,
    – Certificate of Origin (in which country the product is made),
    – A document certifying the quality characteristics of the product and the material of the product.
    Waiting for your reply. With best wishes Gennady.

  4. Hi Sally, i am coming to Guangzhou in July and i want quality women clothing and handbags, is it possible to send me what you are selling and maybe make recommendations. I am starting a boutique in a small country and i will love to sell only quality.

  5. Hi Sally
    I am from south Africa. I also would like to go on a clothing business. Can I send you pictures of designs and pictures of dresses and garments I would want so that you make them for me? Shoes also?

  6. it is Mr. FAHMI consulting engineer in Morocco, I am looking for information on of buying the lenses that you marketed by your company, I have great pleasure to ask if your products are for medical use. because in Morocco, the ministry of health will ask for documents that prove that the lenses meet the quality standard so that my buyer here in Morocco, will have no problem to ensure the import of owr town to Morocco.

    thank you for sending me the sheets in English from the quality control laboratory that prove that the lenses meet the medical standards

    waiting for your answer , please accept, Sir, the expression of my greetings


    consulting engineer
    Marrakesh . morocco
    mail :
    mobile : 00212 661195025

  7. helo i work in the electronics trade sector specifically wholesale and retail sale of refurbished/used smart phones and laptops, so i desperately want a very good and reliable suppliers of these items.

  8. Hi Sally. I need human hair and 100% raw human hair in large do I go about it, can I have your contact or better still WhatsApp number. Thank you

    • Hi, thanks for reaching out. Please email us what kind of products you are looking for, e.g., product specification, order quantity, budget, our sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks and best of luck. Business-in-guangzhou Team.

  9. Hi Sally,

    I’m looking for a supplier thay can produce my clothing line. I want to start of with simple t shirt with my logo embroidered on the right chest. I want to start with a minimum order to see how it goes. Is the minimum order 100 pieces and what price goes with this amount?

    Thank you!

    Yours sincerely,

  10. Dear Sir
    We are interested in USED LAPTOP excellent condition and refurbished laptops.

    Kindly send us your stock list within export prices.

    Awaiting your reply ASAP.

    Best Regards
    Abbas Banani
    Abbas Banani For Trading

    Commercial Area ,26th September Road beside Adeeb stationery.
    Hodeidah – Yemen

    Mobile:+967 – 777209337
    Mobile:+967 – 711125000
    What’s App:+967 – 777209337

    Sana’a Branch :
    Address :-
    Johar St. Beside Green Tawer hotel/shahran hotel
    Sana’a – Yemen

  11. Hi Sally, Interested in doing business with you. I am visiting Guangzhou on 30 Nov and would want to work with you provided that I get good quality products. Please add me on WeChat id tarunagg1984 . We can have a more elaborate discussion on WeChat. Thanks.

    • Hi Tarun, thanks for reaching out. Please email us what kind of products you are looking for, e.g., product specification, order quantity, budget, our sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks and best of luck. Business-in-guangzhou Team.

  12. Hi Sally
    Looking to buy real leather jackets for men and women, other leather accessories including, belts, bags wallets gloves. I will be in Guangzhou next week.
    will you be interested working together.

    • Hi Mike, thanks for reaching out. Please email us what kind of products you are looking for, e.g., product specification, order quantity, budget, our sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks and best of luck. Business-in-guangzhou Team.

  13. Hello Sally. I am looking to buy fabric in China. I am a clothing manufacturer in my own country. Also I’d like to buy fabric to sell in my country. Isnthis something that you are able to assist me with?

    • Hi, thanks for reaching out. Sure we can help you with that. Sent you an email a week ago but didnt get any reply yet. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  14. Hello
    I am from Tanzania and I am looking for trendy women clothes (dresses and blouses).
    Please let know if you ca help and where i can get to send pictures of what I want or receive pictures of what you supply.

  15. Hi Sally. I have never come to Guangzhou. I’m in Africa Lesotho. I want the following.
    coats and jackets for men and women for 2019 winter.
    I you can give me nice designs. I have one design of mine.
    I also want hand bag for ladies.
    Kindly help me because I want jeans,dresses and clothes in general. I don’t have an Agent

  16. Hi Sally. I will be visiting Guangzhou in 2 weeks time. I retail replica dresses, shoes, and bags for women among other things. I am looking for Korean types of dresses and blouses. How and where can I send you pictures of what I need? Please assist

  17. hi i coma to guangzhoa but ihave never found a company which can work for me the way i want so try to help please

    • Hi Bel, thanks for reaching out. May I know what you are looking for in an equal PARTNERSHIP? We’re happy to work WITH you not FOR you. Kindly note the difference of WORK WITH and WORK For. Regards, Sally.

  18. Hi, I would like to know what is the MOQ to order shoes, Sneakers, belts, card holders, shirts, polo shirts, wallets?
    I want Products for own use

    • Hi Jason, thanks for reaching out. We work on our customers’ designs with manufacturing quality matching big brands. We don’t copy, thanks.

  19. hi, do you have a whatsapp Number or group or facebook where we can see your clothing designs with prices.

  20. Hi Sally,

    I am current a reseller for 1:1 replica handbags and watches (rolex,hublot,AP and etc).

    Will you be able to provide me with 1:1 replica handbags and also replica watches from factories such as NOOB, JF, ARF and etc?

    I’m serious in having a partnership with you.


  21. hi sally.
    we are in optical business in india. planning to visit china for some mid range optical frame, sunglasses anbd optical accesories.
    kindly help me

  22. Hello sally,how are you doing.I want full container load of A grade quality beautiful second hand school bags mixed with ladies bags. I am coming over to China early next much are we looking at for 20ft and 40ft for such load.your reply will help me move faster to China to do business together. Expecting your reply. Thank you.

  23. Hi Sally,

    We are interested in dress manufacture. To manufacture 8 styles what is the minimum MOQ? As we just start up we are unable to take high MOQ. What is the best no. Of MOQ you can accept? Looking forward to your amiable reply via my email. Thank you.

  24. Hello Sally !!!
    I am looking for a supplier of bottles for perfume. The jars have to be with a threaded sprayer and the possibility of printing my logo. The capacities of the bottles 100ml, 50ml and 30ml.
    The quantities would be 3000 units for 100ml. 2000 units for 50ml and 4000 units for 30ml.
    I need to know the price of shipping to Barcelona, ​​Spain.

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