How to Travel from Guangzhou to Yiwu?

Commuting from Guangzhou to Yiwu has become a much popular route since the two cities have plenty to offer especially for international trade business. The two cities with the former one located at Pearl River Delta and the latter one at Yangtze River Delta, is about 14,000 km apart well connected by flights, trains and buses.

By Air

It takes roughly two hours getting from Guangzhou to Yiwu by flight. Most flights are operated by China Southern Airlines and sometimes you can find flight ticket as cheap as RMB 400 if you book in advance.

By Train

CRH train is the most preferred way to travel from Guangzhou to Yiwu as the high speed train runs at a fast speed of 350km/h. Four high speed trains are operated daily from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Yiwu Railway Station, and the whole journey takes about 6-7 hours.

Ticket fares:

Business class: RMB 2,131

First class: RMB 1,110

Second class: RMB 674

For budget travelers, there’re also other normal trains commuting between these two cities at much more wallet-friendly rate, but the whole journey takes about 14-17 hours.

Ticket fares:

K528/527, K512/511               K210/K209, T170/T169

Soft sleeper                     RMB 550.5                              RMB 482.5

Hard sleeper                   RMB 304.5                             RMB 268.5

Hard seat                         RMB 177.5                              RMB 156.5

Tips: Most trains start from Guangzhou with about 2-5 minutes’ stopover in Yiwu. It’s better to pay attention to the broadcast or confirm with the railway staffs to avoid missing the train.

By Bus

You can buy bus tickets from Guangzhou to Yiwu at Guangdong Provincial Bus Station, Fangcun Bus Station, Tianhe Bus Station and Guangyuan Bus Station. The whole journey takes about 26 hours with a ticket fare of about RMB 350-395. It’s not recommended to go by bus since the long haul can be quite tiring while compared with other two options.

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