Guangzhou Jewelry Wholesale Market – An Introduction of Xijiao Jewelry Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza, a wholesale jewelry market enjoying convenient geographical location adjacent to Guangzhou Railway Station and Guangdong Provincial Couch Station, has gained rocketed developments and prestigious fame since its establish in the year of 2000. Xijiao wholesale jewellery market proudly boasts an extensive range of fashion accessories and a large scale of marketing area, which has attracted jewellery manufactures, wholesalers, etc. from mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, etc.

Xijiao Building jewellery wholesale market is situated at No. 2 Zhanqian Road, adjacent to Liuhua Lake and is only about 100 meters from China Import and Export Fair Liuhua Exhibition Center. It occupies a marketing area of about 35,000 square meters and over 1,400 stores.

Xijiao Plaza is the largest fashion accessories wholesale market in Guangzhou, and it is divided into two buildings: Building A and Building B. Xijiao jewellery market covers diverse species of fashion accessories, including hairpin, necklace, bracelet, pendant, ring, earrings, scarves, hats, mobile phone accessories, etc. Some stores also sell some special art crafts of Tibet style, inscriptions, etc.

When compared with Taikang jewellery wholesale market, the products at Xijiao jewellery wholesale market are of much better quality and the price usually ranges from several yuan to several hundred yuan, depending on the quality.

Address: No. 2, Zhanqian Road, Guangzhou

Telephone: 020-8107183


Take Metro Line 2 or Line 5, get off at the Guangzhou railway station, take a taxi from there or walk along Zhan Qian Road to the end, you will find Xijiao wholesale jewellery market.

Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza Jewellery Wholesale Market-1
Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza Jewellery Wholesale Market-1
Guangzhou Xijiao Building Jewellery Wholesale Market-1
Guangzhou Xijiao Building Jewellery Wholesale Market-1
Jewellery Store at Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza Jewellery Wholesale Market-1
Jewellery Store at Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza Jewellery Wholesale Market-1
Jewellery from Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza Jewellery Wholesale Market-1
Jewellery from Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza Jewellery Wholesale Market-1
Jewellery from Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza Jewellery Wholesale Market-2
Jewellery from Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza Jewellery Wholesale Market-2

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  1. Hello. I’m in Nigeria and I need help sourcing good quality jewelry products in Guangzhou. If you can help me please contact me or give me your contact. Thanks

    • Hi Tola, you can find lots of African style jewelry in the jewelry wholesale markets. If you are planning to visit Guangzhou you can just go directory to xijiao and taikang jewelry markets. If you need help sourcing my WhatsApp is +8618218494138.

  2. Hi.
    I am a retailer from India, and currently am buying my requirement from Mumbai.
    I would like to buy direct from China, is it possible that I can buy mixed quantity of different items from shops. I can buy 3-4 colors in a pattern and many patterns.

    • Hi Pankaj, thanks for contact. In many shops with stocks you can mix colors and designs as long as you reach the moq, even in some shops the moq is very small like 24 pieces but it varies. For some designs without stocks they only accept orders and it would require bigger moq per color per pattern.

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  4. Sally, where can we contact you so you can help us in a visit to Guangzhou in october ?

    Please give me your telephone and e-mail


    • Hi Teofilo, thanks for message and welcome to Guangzhou. It’s a pity that I’m not in China in recent months. However, my colleague Ariel would be happy to help you with your trip. Good luck dear 🙂

  5. Hi
    I am looking for
    1.stainless steel accesories/jewelry parts and stainless steel necklaces.
    Where can I get wholesales in Guangzhou
    I will be in Guangzhou in a weeks time to source for these items.

    • Hi dear, welcome to Guangzhou. Try Taikang, Xijiao Liwan Plaza. Sure you can find a mesmerizing array of crystals and stainless steel jewelry. Good luck.

  6. Hi Sally,
    I am already buying through online from vendor Xuping Jewelry. I need similar vendors maintaining the quality with various varieties.

  7. Request for contact details of good quality brand shoes manufacturers and wholesalers suppliers

    Looking for best quality brand perfumes wholesalers supplier

    Quality women and men brand clothing suppliers

    • Hi dear, thank you for your message. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you regarding suppliers. Thanks.

  8. Hi I am frm Singapore and am keen to find reliable wholesale jewelry to work long term.
    1) necklaces and bangles
    2) it will be good to have one who can do customized design as i will eventually want to go into this as well
    3) will there be any trade show any time soon

    • Hi dear, you can find a lot Asia style jewelry in Taikang&Xijiao Plaza. There are also some suppliers that can do customed designs depending on your designs and order quantity. As to trade show, you can search online. I can’t remember exactly when it is the jewerlry trade show.

  9. Hi I’m Melbourne Mell, I run a shop in Papua New Guinea that sells jewellery that compliments my clothing line. I would like to build a business relations with ylthis company so that you guys can supply me jewellery especially ear rings, necklaces and wristbands. But I want it to be custom designed to my designs. Please contact me via my email.

    • Hi Mel, thanks for your message. We’re buying agent in Guangzhou. If you need help sourcing the right suppliers would be happy to assist with. Thanks and good luck.

  10. Hi!Where can I buy hair jewelry in Guonjou? Wedding decorations for hair. Can I buy online? Thank you.

    • Hi you can check around Jiangnandadao(江南大道) wedding street or jewelry markets in Taikang(泰康)&Xijiao(西郊), good luck.

    • Hi Luisa, you can search on alibaba or google. If you know a bit Chinese, it’s better to source on China alibaba or visit China and buy from the wholesale markets here. You can also outsource the works to a sourcing agent. Good luck.

  11. Hi, I’m planning to visit Guangzhou this mid-July. I am looking to source fashion jewellery (bracelets, rings, chokers, hair pieces, necklaces) for my online store in Thailand. I would like to find good quality stores that would have potential for a long-term business deal.

    • Hello Kay, thank you for your message and welcome to Guangzhou in July. Actually you can find lots of suppliers in the jewelry market taikang 泰康广场 or xijiao西郊大厦, don’t worry it just takes time to source the potential one.

      Which city are you from? I’m now in Ayutthaya heading to Chiangmai would be back BKK in few days.

      Thanks and good luck.

  12. Hi there, I’m planning to visit next week to source fashion jewellery for boutiques. Can you suggest a guide and what would be the best area to book accommodation. Many thanks, Heidi

    • Hi Heidi, thanks for contacting us and welcome to Guangzhou. Hotels near Haizhu square or Guangzhou railway station would be better to go to the two major jewelry markets. As to guide or buying agent service, my colleague Ariel would be in touch with you. Thanks.

  13. Hi I need to purchase in bulk certain styles of accessories (earring, bracelet, necklace, choker and rings). Please contact me on my email provided 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Josh, thanks for contacting us. My colleague will be emailing you about accessories purchase. Thanks.

  14. Hello I am a wholesaler and retailer of fashion jewelry from Nigeria. I plan to be in China towards the end of April. Can any one link me up with reliable manufacturers of fashion Jewelry in China?

    • Hello Bosun, welcome to China. As to fashion jewelry, my colleague Ariel will follow up and will be in touch with you. Thanks.

  15. I will arrive Guangzhou April 14 from the US to attend the Canton Fair. This will be my 10th trip to China to attend trade shows and to visit vendors.

    This will be my first visit to purchase freshwater pearl necklaces and earrings. I would like to purchase enough to show customers back in the US and then to establish contact with a dependable and reliable factory or wholesaler that I could purchase from when I return to the US.

    Up until now I have imported steel building accessories in 20′ containers. I would pay a guide if he or she could select quality items and negoiate a favorable price. If you can be of assistance please let me know.

    Thank you. Dickie Williams, President, Willco Inc., USA

    • Hi Dickie, welcome back China again 🙂 My colleague Ariel will be contacting you regarding freshwater pearl jewerlry purchase. Thank you. Sally

  16. Hello i am the owner of a wholesale jewelry company in the united states. i am coming to guangzhou on march 25, looking for silver and stainless steel jewelry wholesale stores where i can buy in bulk. any help is appreciated thanks

    • Hi Leo, you can find in Taikang and Xijiao jewelry markets. If you need help, we’re very happy to assist you with buying and shipping, thanks.

  17. Hello I looking for a Jewerly of Stanley Steel for a distribution in mexico please contact to me

    • Hi Roberto, thank you for your message. My colleague Ariel will be contacting you regarding jewelry distribution. Thanks.

  18. Hi, I’m look for a cheap jewelry were I can sell by dozen in a wholesale, please need in getting the right factories please help me

    • Hi Dee, thanks for contact. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you regarding jewelry purchase. Thanks.

  19. Hi I’m coming to china early August and would love places to buy costume (fresh water pearl, cubic zircon,crystal) bridal headpieces and jewellery, evening clutches and bridal shoes. I’m thinking of going to Shenzhen and Guangdong. I want to make good contact with manufacturing companies for long term business. Any suggestions appreciated.
    Kindest regards.

      • Hi sally I am coming to china on the 11th to Guangzhou and I am looking for some Chinese antique jwlleries and some bohemian and pearl jewlleries..I will be staying near liwan plaza so how can you help me and could you please send me your contact details !!

        Thank u

        • Hello Shraddha, thank you for your message and welcome to Guangzhou. We’re happy to help you source jewelry from liwan plaza or from other jewelry markets and factories. Here is the contact info: Ariel, +86 18319676866, Thanks.

  20. Hi there,
    We are the Spokesman of some brands of gold and silver jewlery in Kazakhstan. We are planing the trip to China, before we need make a list the place we need visit as we interesting in silver suppliers. We hope to a big deal.
    Be kindly Reply by suppling information about silver suppliers in GuangZhou or just call me back.
    Best regards,
    Assyly Jewelry

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