Importing from China–Do You Really Need a China Buying Agent?

With a local buying agent on your side seems to be much more helpful, however, intermediaries are like a double-edged sword, before going into the deal weighing up the benefits can help you decide whether you need a China sourcing agent or not. Not everyone needs a buying agent in China, especially if you fit into these categories.

1.  With a very tight budget and saving costs is your first concern.

Most of the buying agents in China, be it Chinese buying agents or buying agents by foreigners in China, they tend to increase your price with service fee than dealing directly with manufacturers. However, things could work out much more smoothly if they stand on your side.

That being said, good China sourcing agents can help you filter the best supplier in the abyss of product search, carry out quality inspection, arrange shipping…saving you all the hassles across cultural boundaries.

China Buying Agent
China Buying Agent

2. You believe you’re very capable of handling all the trivial things even you are not in China. You’ll stay in China for the work or travel frequently to China.

3. You know Chinese business practice and Chinese culture very well.

4. You already have reliable, honest suppliers. Suppliers who will not cheat you on the quality of the goods, delivery time, etc. Some of the suppliers in China would usually say yes to everything before placing the order. After you pay then maybe they can’t do most of the things and they will ask you to choose other models or make other changes. Buying from China — What You Need to Know about Mr and Ms. Cha Bu Duo

5.  You don’t trust your buying agent. China sourcing agent is a bridge between Chinese suppliers and clients. The first and foremost important is to find someone you feel reliable and comfortable to work with, or you’d better do it on your own. It’s just a matter of trial and error.

As a rule of thumb, competing based on low price is still the initiative for many businesses in China and it has lead to illicit competition. To be ahead of the game, some dodgy businesses launch products or services at exceptionally low prices. Those who are anxious to get things on the cheap would fall into the trap. Some China sourcing agents offer to source at commission as low as 1% with hidden costs. The average proft margin for retain business is about 80%, 20-30% for wholesale. How can a business survive making 1% of profit margin without clever maneuving? Unless the clients are ordering truckloads. So use your common sense and don’t fall into the trap of low price.

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  1. Dear freind

    i would like to visit guangzhou in the month of april 2018

    and my product is womens innerwear underwear.
    Is there any market in guangzhou for surplus stock excess stock cancel order stock in guangzhou and any market related to this type of stock then please reply me

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  2. hello, am looking for an honest agent who can be buying things in China and send them to Malawi… contact me

  3. Hi, I’m Maytham Al-Saadi from iraq,
    I want to export leather from Iraq to China so I needed a reliable company to ship and unload as a customs and storage in the free zone in China

    • Hi Maytham, thanks for contact. My colleague Kevin will be in touch with you by email. Best regards, Sally.

  4. Hi,
    I am looking for an agent who can help me out in sourcing womens and mens footwear and bags from Guangzhou. Specifically looking for someone who can help me with the markets for the same.


  5. Hi,
    This is Faiz Khan from India.
    We are Finished Leather Exporter since 15 years.
    Now we are planning to open a branch office in China.
    Any candidate who have sound knowledge of Finshed Leather working can contact me on my email ID:

  6. I need a facilitator in Guhangzho which can facilitate me regarding factory sourcing and wholesale market information and buying for garments and cloths items to supply goods to pakistan

    • Hi Cathy, thanks for contact. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you regarding ladies clothes. Thanks.

    • Hi dear, do you mean phone cases? If you have plans visiting Guangzhou, you can buy directly from xidier electronic market. You can either source online or hire a buying agent in Guangzhou to source phone cases for you. Good luck.

  7. Hi
    I’m searching for an agent who can help me to buy sports materials in china.For exemple: Adidas,Babola,Umbro,Nike,Reebok,Wilson,Asics and Head etc…
    Wish i get an answer soon form you.
    Best Regards

  8. hi there

    im searching for a manufacturer that deals with womens wear, skirts specifically in Guangzhou china.

    • Hi Omar, thank you for your message. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you regarding ladies skirts supplier. Thanks.

    • Hi dear, thank you for your message. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you regarding OEM agent. Thanks.

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for your message. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you regarding buying agent service. Thanks.

  9. Hi, i need a sourcing agent for sourcing LED TVs to India. Can you support?. My what’s app number +91 9597977747

    • Hi Anguraj, thanks for your message. My colleague Ariel will be following up the sourcing of LED TVs. Thanks.

  10. Hi
    I am based in south Africa and very much interested in ladies hand bags. I have a very tight budget and not sure if you may help me. Please email me on I would really appreciate all the help you may offer.

    • Hello Delia, thanks for message and welcome to Guangzhou. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you regarding buying agent service. Thanks.

  11. Hi we are manufacturers – exporters all types of leathers goat skins / sheep skins / cow and buffalo is suitable for shoe upper / shoe lining / gloves / garments and hand bags.

    I want leather selling agents in China / Hong kong who can sell our leathers on commission basis

    • Dear Rachel,

      Thanks for your message, we are the sourcing and shipping agent in Guangzhou China with providing one-stop logistic services, i am sending you the details now, kindly check your email box.

      Best Regards

  12. Dear
    We need buying agent in guangzhou
    Please contact us
    Reply by email & please inform Whatsapp number also
    Best regards

    • Dear Bharat, thanks for contacting us. My colleague Ariel will contact you regarding buying agent service. Thanks.

  13. we are in importer from Australia and will be coming to china this month for canton fair and looking for agent to move a business forward as we a variety importer of Hot trending items.

    Will be doing few factory visit and need someone with good English.

    will be in china from 21st april 2017

    • Hi Stephen, thank you for contacting us and welcome to China. My colleague Ariel will be contacting you regarding sourcing agent service.Thanks.

  14. hello i am coming to ur city 25 march for ten days want to buy
    label weaving machines
    sticker making machines

    • Hi Mohammed, thanks for your messages. We’re happy to assist you with purchasing men’s wallets. My colleague will be in touch with you. Thanks.

    • Hi Joan, thank you for your message and welcome to Guangzhou. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you. Cheers.

  15. I am looking for good suupliers in guangzhou who deals in ladies and kids clothings and can help me provide goods in both retail and wholesale basis.Do whatsapp on 8169142465 or send a mail on

  16. hello iam looking for agent to assist with buying handbags in gu hang gang guangzhou and help to collect and pay for all goods at a small warehouse to be collected by my shipping company 4 days mabye 5 please give your rates thanks billy mooker

  17. I’m coming to Guangzhou in February and I need a agent for translation and transportation please contact me!

  18. I am looking service agent who can arrange to pickup from different menufacturs and send to usa.
    Note: Few weeks ago we visited guangzhou and order some items.

    • Dear Govind,

      Thanks a lot for contacting us. We’re very happy to help you collect all the goods, inspect quality if it’s necessary…and arrange shipping to USA.

  19. I need a buying agent but I would like to first meet up in Guangzhou before doing deals. Please email your details thanks.

  20. We need a contact in Ghanghzou to buy some items for us.
    Can you help us?
    Waitiing for your contact,

      • Hi,I am Ivan from Serbia.I will come for few days in Guangzhou to see some factory for kiddy rides.
        And I need agent to help me to by product.

        • Dear Mr.Ivan

          We are the buying agent in Guangzhou and have purchased the kiddy rides before from a factory here, please check your email box.

          Best Regards

          • Hello,

            I am from the Philippines currently looking for a sourcing agent for constructions materials.

          • Hi Aljon, thanks for your message. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you regarding buying agent service. Thanks.

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