Common Myths About China

A piece in today’s The Independent (UK newspaper) lists nine common myths about China. Do you agree they are all myths or do you have other myths to mention? In summary they are as follows:

Myth #1: China is the world’s oldest civilization.
Myth #2: The Chinese have an indomitable work ethic.
Myth #3: China has an unstoppable economy.
Myth #4: Chinese students are the cleverest in the world.
Myth #5: The Chinese all speak the same language.
Myth #6: China is buying up the world.
Myth #7: The Chinese are a biological race.
Myth #8: China is a dangerously nationalistic power.
Myth #9: The Chinese are all Confucians.

Sally Huang: Myth #10: All Chinese know Kungfu.
It sounds like all Chinese people are born knowing how to use chopsticks.
lol 🙂

Mark Truei: Chinese culture prefers humble approaches and there is thus nothing is transparent as different from western approaches. The success factors in China are mostly from experience as arts instead of sciences.

American used to describe US FDA as only God knew US FDA. If so, pls allow me to say only God knows the depth of Chinese culture.

andreas ellinas: Chinese people have culture, have history they have to change their education system.

Juliet Zhou: A coin has two sides, we should see both aspects of above.
In ancient times, China scored brilliant achievements in science and technology, its four great inventions – paper, printing, the compass and gunpowder, which played a major role in advancing world civilization. Nowadays, we dont have ourself producing aircraft carrier in my country. Along with future economic growth, I suppose China must change education system and social health care system. No matter Confucian or God, it is always a good thing to have diversity world.

Viacheslav Frolov: The Chinese are born with a built-in compass software somewhere in the brain or spinal cord:))

Joab Meyer: A great piece. Thanks for sharing Barry Howard. One of the most critical myths is #4 Chinese students are the cleverest in the world. When “nine out of 10 wealthy Chinese intend to send their children to universities abroad” and “50 per cent of Chinese dollar millionaires are considering leaving the country” it means sustaining China’s rapid development will be a challenge.

Barry Howard: Exactly why many wealthy Chinese want to send their kids to study abroad is another topic. Chinese students are certainly very welcome to continue attending universities in the UK, North America and Australasia. Not just for the study fees, but because of the opportunity to foster post graduation links (both culturally and economically).

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