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Business in Guangzhou has over 13 years of experience in diverse businesses in China. The mission of our business consulting services is to help you hit the ground running whether you’re importing from China, entering China market, setting up company in China, etc.

Sourcing Package 1 – Find Your Lost Suppliers $129

Lost contact with your previous suppliers? Suppliers didn’t reply messages? Need help verifying the authenticity of your suppliers and products? Our Basic Consulting Packages get you covered.

We got lots of inquiries saying their previous suppliers didn’t reply messages or calls while they’re thinking to place another order. There can be lots of reasons: the sales representative leave the job, they don’t use the email or phone number anymore, they change business address, the business isn’t that good they can’t afford to pay any sales speaking good English? Our team will go in person, look into it and get you connected/rebuild business relationship with your previous suppliers again.

While we get reconnected with your previous supplier in person, we’ll also assist with verifying the products, shipping, etc…details you want to know about.

PS: If your supplier is in other cities in Guangdong province like Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, etc., extra $60 transportation fee would be applied into the basic package.

Sourcing Package 2 – Local Wholesale Market Sourcing in Guangzhou $159

Is your business plan to visit China in 2020 disturbed by corona-19? Our $159 local market research package targets at wholesale markets in Guangzhou. Whatever products you are looking for, our team will go in person to the wholesale markets and choose the top 8 suppliers for you. Our services include:

*Sourcing products meeting your needs.
*Verifying products, suppliers.
*Giving you a list of top 8 suppliers with detailed product information. We’ll include the complete details of suppliers, the address in English, Chinese, also product details.
*Extra information you need.

PS: Extra $60 transportation fee would be applied if you are looking for wholesale market research in other cities in Guangdong province like Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, etc.

Sourcing Package 3 – Quality Inspection $169

Do you need someone experienced and trustworthy to inspect your goods before shipping? Lacking of quality control is the fatal   process leading to poor quality goods that cost you a fortune. Our quality inspection service at $169 will make sure you get what you expect before shipping.

PS: Extra $60 transportation fee would be applied if we have to travel to other cities in Guangdong province like Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, etc.

Why Choose Us?

*13 years of experience
Our team of translators have more than 10 years of enriching experience in import and export.

*Professional, Integrity
Integrity is the core value of our business we strive to build on. We keep everything transparent. No black commissions or hidden costs.

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  1. 2. Basic Package – Local Wholesale Market Research in Guangzhou $99

    Like to take wholesale market research to find out kids dresses. what is the procedure to block the dates?

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