Buying from China Wholesale Markets: 2 Essential Tips to Bear in Mind (2020 Updated)

It is a busy and hectic month for me as everyday I’ve been showing customers coming from different parts of the world around different wholesale markets in Guangzhou. It is nice to meet people from different culture and show them around the city full of memories, but it is highly appreciated if you keep these in mind before hiring me as a Guangzhou guide.


DON’T tell me that you don’t have enough time for your Guangzhou trip so you make hasty decision and buy directly from trading companies or other middlemen regardless of price aspect.

A case in point: yesterday afternoon I’ve been taking two Indonesia customers to Guangzhou Xi Di Er electronic markets for phone cases with external charger. They are interested in the products at one stand and determine to buy because tomorrow in the morning they will have to fly back to Indonesia. But the fact is it is very prominent to tell the stand is not a manufacturer coz the girl at the stand also called her supplier to negotiate price, confirm about the quantity, etc. in front of us. After a few minutes, the supplier came to the stand and I also noticed the badge attached to her T-shirt is another brand.

As it is late in the afternoon and they have to fly off tomorrow, so they decided to buy some from the stand. But secretly we kept down the brand name as attached on the supplier’s badge and one of us followed the supplier and find her store.

Finally, we went to the supplier’s store and chat with the manager there, the price offered is much lower than that from the stand.

SO, if you don’t want to waste money, it is better to plan well and do thorough market research, price comparison before making deals, which I stated very clearly while picking up the customers at the airport or the hotel.


What if you can own a branded LV handbag, a Rolex watch or any branded things in that category at extremely low price, let’s say, at about 70 rmb or higher.

Of course they are FAKE.

Most of the branded products sold in the Guangzhou Railway Station wholesale market area are copied.

If you don’t want to smell something like alcohol or worry about safety, stay away from those so-called Chanel perfume at ultra-cheap price.

Don’t tell me that you do not know they are fake as I stated clearly before going to the market.

90% of the stores there would not refund you the money even if you change your mind the next minute before getting the goods.

Even if they refund you the money, they seldom refund full, maybe 60% or anything like that.

Market is not a place where you change your minds frequently, placing orders, placing advance payment, then going back to the hotel and want to cancel the order next day when wake up.

It also takes the supplier time and energy to prepare for the order. For instance, if you place urgent orders on women’s dresses, the factory has to buy fabrics from the fabric markets at first in order to handle the products in time. If they had already bought fabrics, it is impossible for them to cancel the orders for you.

Don’t make hasty decisions and go back in deep regret.


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