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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for visiting BIG. My name is Sally Wong, the brain behind BIG, founded in 2012 when I embarked on my own venture in China sourcing, fashion and electronic manufacturing. The ideology of BIG is to THINK BIG, GROW BIGGER.

In 2016 I watched Daniel Ally’s TEDx speech How to Become a Millionaire in 3 Years, and I couldn’t have a stronger resonance with his interpretation of BIG.

B: the books you read
I: the individuals that you meet
G: the goals that you set for yourself

When you think big, you will do big, and you will win big.

Before relocating to Guangzhou for almost 20 years, I spent my childhood in a coastal city in Canton, starting my marketing career since little while working at a mom-and-pop shop.

I have travelled solo to over 20 countries with average time of at least 2 weeks each exploring and soaking into local culture, which has enabled me to understand and appreciate all the differences involved in international trade.

I’m a big reader, my favorite books are The Millionaire Fastlane, The Alchemist, Educated: A Memoir.

I’m also a digital marketer, focusing on data-driven SEO. What I am doing now that scares me most is I’m learning to code and try to be a tech founder, thanks to the inspirations from Elpha, a supportive community for women in tech. I’m now working on a project that I hope can be accepted by Y Combinator.

As to my porfolios in my first venture BIG, since 2009, I have helped thousand of readers to start and grow their wholesale business from Guangzhou and China.

I’ve sourced every kind of goods, from smartphone cases to 925 silver jewelry, from faucets to scarves and luxury handmade shoes by Chinese shoemakers trained by Italian shoemakers.

During these years, my business, thanks to customers and inquiries coming from every corner of the globe, has grown exponentially as is grown also my database of reliable suppliers and manufacturers in Guangzhou and all over China.

My company has exported safely tons of goods all over the world and served hundreds of businesses.


– Sally Wong

30 Comments on About BIG

  1. Hi,
    I’m interested in getting wholesalers for replica bags, shoes , jewelry and clothes,
    Can u tell me do u have tour guide or agents, who know the exact shops and wholesale where these replicas in Good Quality available in good prices , I don’t need low quality,

    How much ur agent will charge and are they sure where I can find all these replicas,

    I’m coming next in Guangzhou ,

    So reply urgent

  2. dear sally wong ,
    i am pema from bhutan as i am planning to do business on clothes from gangzhou to bhutan. i want to know the procedures.please can i have the contrect no or wechat id of you.

  3. Hi Sally,

    I was impressed with your story, and wish that you can help us out.
    We are starting our business in gold plated jewelry (middle class, not cheap one) and are looking for reliable manufacturers in Guangdong or Zhejiang. Could you please advise where we can go to look for them?


    • Hi Trinh, thanks for reaching out. Our team can help you with jewelry. My Italian business partner and designer Carlo has over 15 years designing and manufcturing jewelry in China and Europe. We work with a total buying amount starting from USD $20k. Hope it’s fine with you.

    • Hi dear, it’s suggested to source from Guangzhou watch markets or the ones in Shenzhen as there are lots of watch manufacturers there. Good luck. Best regards, Sally.

    • Hi Joy, thanks for your message. If you have any plans visiting Guangzhou, it’s suggested to source from the wholesale markets. If you need assistance in sourcing, we’re happy to help. Best regards, Sally.

  4. Hi Sally,,

    We are woman and kids clothing brand . We are looking for high quality OBM clothing manufactures . Do you have personal guide to accompany me ?

    I’m waiting for your reply .

    Thank U

  5. Hello Sally;
    I’m in South Africa, I need manufacturers of replica branded clothes, shoes and bags like Chanel Gucci etc. I want to order online, if you can give me the websites of those you know I will be greatful.
    Looking forward to your response.

    • Hi Luciak, thanks for your message. Usually suppliers of replica goods do not have websites or their websites would be shut down soon coz enfringement of copy rights. If you come to Guangzhou you can find loads of knockoffs easily as the city is echoed by copy goods. However, it is not suggested to buy. Good luck.

  6. Hello Ms.Sally,

    I’m planning to go Guangzhou & Shenzen this 1st week of October 2017. Im searching for a wholesale fabric material like English cotton,cotton polyster or satin (printed/plain). I need to buy in a large scale by roll/meters for my business, Is that true both of this place Guangzhou & Shenzhen are the best place to go with high Quality material and plenty of design ? What about factory fabric, any idea a worth place to visit ? Do u hv any personal tour guide that can assist me there ?

    I’m waiting for your reply soonest and appreciate every advice u gave us!


    • Hello Ms. Mun, thanks for your messages and welcome to Guangzhou. Actually jiangsu and zhejiang provinces are the major manufacturing bases of fabrics. However, there are lots of suppliers from these two provinces in Guangzhou Zhongda fabric markets, so you can source directly from zhongda fabric markets. As to tour guide or buying agent service, my colleague Ariel will be in touch with you. Thanks and good luck.

  7. Hi Sally
    I’m thinking of coming to guanzhou in Mid October 2017 for apartment furnitures and garments,Please advise if its a good time and what climate to expect



    • Hi Andy, welcome to Guangzhou. From 15th October to 4th November is the autumn session of Canton Fair. The rate for hotel is much higher. If you do not have plans attending Canton Fair, it’s better to come other time. Temperature is around 21-29.℃

  8. Hi Sally

    I am looking for eyecare produects ie make up removal, eye creams.
    I need to find these, can you tell me where. I want relatively small amounts ie 100 to start, would I find this here?


    • Hi Nick, you can try your luck in Yifa guangchang or beauty exchange center. Some suppliers have stocks but some only accept orders. For suppliers with stocks it’s ok to start with 100 pieces but it takes time to source. Good luck.

  9. Hi Sally,

    I’m looking for Chinese NY lanterns and NY greeting flocking paper in bulk quantity. Not too sure if the manufacturers are in Guangzhou. I have already found some shops at YiDe Lu but I would like to do wholesale buy and those shops are not so cheap.
    Can you please advise? I can speak Chinese but do not know where in China I can find the factories. I’m going to Guangdong in June. Please help. Cheers.

    • Hi Jane, most shops are only wholesalers at Yide lu but you can also find manufacturers. If you get them serious about your quantity, you might have better chances of getting lower price. If price is of more concern, it’s better to look in Yiwu for paper goods.

    • Hi Firoz, thanks for your message. You can find beauty products in Guangzhou beauty exchange center. If you need help sourcing, we’re also very happy to assist with it. Thanks.

    • Hi Sajid, thanks for contacting us. You can find lots of cosmetics in the beauty exchange center or in Eva/Xingfa Plaza, but I’m not sure whether you can find the above brands. Good luck.

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