Yima Clothing Wholesale Market – An Exploration of Zhanxi Clothing Market Area

Yima Clothing Wholesale Market, strategically located in the busiest center of Guangzhou Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Area with convenient transportation near Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou Bus Station, Provincial Bus Station, Liuhua Bus Station and the Metro Station, it has attracted countless retailers, wholesalers, agents, etc both from home and abroad.

With a total investment value of more than 10 million RMB, Yima Clothing Wholesale Market is among the most important projects of the city government and great support is offered to improve its overall functioning.

Occupying a scale of over30.000 m2, Yima Clothing Wholesale building proudly boasts two underground floors and 10 floors on the ground. A set of business amenities, 24-hour air conditioner, fast internet speed, exquisitely decorated office, convenient logistic, etc, it is a comprehensive wholesale market for clothing wholesale, business negotiation, products exhibition, etc.

Products: Women’s Clothes, Dresses, Underwear, Men’s Clothes, T-shirts, shoes, luggage, handbags, suitcase, etc

Targeted customers: Most of the fashion clothes are of Asia Style, especially Korea and Japan, some are for the western and middle east.

Quality: Middle Quality (Not so good when compared with the clothes in Baima Clothing Wholesale Markets, but much better than the clothes in Shahe Clothing Wholesale Area)

Address: No. 158, Huan Shi Xi Lu, Yuexiu District,Guangzhou(Opposite to Baima Clothing Wholesale Market)


How to Get There:

Take Metro line 2 or line 5, and get off at Guangzhou railway station, then go to exit G.

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