Where Can I Find Wholesale Quality Clothing from China?

This is a frequently asked question especially by newbies who are new to China and are looking to set up their clothing line.

Clothing business is a vast industry and there’re various segments. First you need to identify what you are going to sell.

*Cheap, affordable clothes

*Exclusively high end fashion

*Women, men or children’s clothing

*Sports wear, night wear, performance clothes, uniforms, etc.

This will give you a clear idea where to source your clothes from. A popular option is to source high quality wholesale fashion clothing from China. You can easily find tons of china wholesale clothing manufacturers online like alibaba or even trade fairs either offer fashion clothes at insanely low prices or require a big MOQ. However, it’s not easy to find a quality China clothes manufacturer that offer all services like quality, small MOQ, customer service, etc. in one package.

Here at Business-in-guangzhou.com, with 15 years of unwavering commitment towards quality, creativity and customer satisfaction, we provide a complete catalogue of chic and fashionable China wholesale clothes for men, women and children in diverse styles, designs and colors.

We also provide China custom made clothes to retailers and wholesalers who are looking to buy something unique and specific, idea for small and medium businesses to customize the clothes the way they want as our MOQ starts only from 100 pieces.

A reliable partnership of China wholesale clothing manufacturer is the key to flourish your clothing business and get a bigger slice of profits. Comment below or send us an email if you are wondering where to find wholesale fashion clothing from China.

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  1. My friend and I are starting a business that supplies clothing to retailers. We are planning a trip to Guangzhou to assess the products there. Any suggestions of manufacturers that are suitable for small minimum order quantity for either cheap, affordable clothes or high end fashion.

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