What’s the Most Frequently Asked Question about Buying from China

Knowing how to put together a strong answer to the most frequently asked question by suppliers is obviously key to build successful cooperation-ship.

A frequently asked question by Chinese suppliers when you are inquiring about the price is “What’s your order quantity?”, “How many pieces do you want?” πŸ™

Annoying but understandable. The annoying part was they might look anxiously at you and told you one of their customers ordered thousands of pieces or a large container last week, and then they were searching the closet for the bill to show you. Later, they took put the calculator and gave you a price and said the price was the same they gave to the BIG customer last week…

I was told N+1 times! Don’t get into the trap! That’s common Chinese trick! Haha:)

In a nutshell, you have to answer the question “how many pieces do you want” to get the best deals. With a strong answer, the suppliers are more likely to shave price and MOQ on some products and tend to steer you hot selling items.

I used to tell them, “Our order quantity depends on your price. If the price is good, we’ll order more. However, for the first-time cooperation, we’ll start with a small trial order to test quality of the goods and the market. If everything works great, we’ll increase the order quantity andΒ  hopefully order every month. We have clients from all around the world and containers shipped every week. Our export value per year…”

Any good ideas to answer this question?

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