What’s Private Label T-shirt?

Private label clothing, also known as OEM/ODM in manufacturing, refers to clothes produced by one factory under another company’s brand. Then what’s private label t-shirt? It’s a loaded question. In simple terms, private label t-shirts refers to t-shirts that feature your design, label and tags showing you’re the provider of the custom design t-shirts.

Instead of featuring the design and tags of Lacoste, Puma, etc, the private label T-shirts would come with the tags of the brand that is selling or marketing the products, your brand.

Take one of our recent private label shirt orders as example, They’re a co-organizer of national sports events and they also sell sports related products under their brand name. For the coming marathon they ordered 6000 pcs of custom design shirts with us.

For this particular order, our textile experts sourced breathable, comfortable, durable cotton materials with blend of spandex, ideal for outdoor sports. To encourage citizens participate into the events and make the sizes available to all, we customize the sizes to cover from kids to adults from sizes XS to 4XL.

As to the design, the logo is embroidered on the right chest, and the slogans are printed in the front and back. All of the private label t-shirts come with logo tags, size tags and washing tags we specially customize according to their designs and content they provided. Once the t-shirts are finished, they’re packed and shipped out.

In most cases customers provide designs/sketches, but in some cases the designs are provided by our design team. We offer a complete package from creating the concept, sourcing raw materials, production and shipment. If you are looking to buy wholesale private label clothes, talk to us, our textile experts will walk you through all the processes of launching your private label t-shirts form China.

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