What Are Your TOP FIVE Chinese Brands?

马吉帝 Majdi Alhmah(General Manager at BFG International China): Mine are:

1- WaHaHa Food and Beverages: Seems reliable and clean. I conducted few lab tests for the purity of their bottled water and the results were too good to be true.

2- Minsheng Bank. reminds me of the international banks like HSBC or Citi, but Minsheng Bank staff are even more friendly.

3-Hainan Airlines. I tried only once, it was the best flight ever had among 150+ flights. So clean, elegant staff, colorful and friendly.

4- Baidu: excellent search Engine for Chinese sites, very fast. Still less intelligent than Google.

5-Beijing Duck. always the same delicious taste.. very friendly reception, but the staff serving the food behave moody.

Vimarsh Bhardwaj {TLION 3333+}(Experienced Apparel/Home Professional & Efficacious Quality Visionary Leader China): LI-NING: The Sports brand

ANTA: The Sports brand


BOC: One of the World Largest Bank

DUMPLING: Restaurant Chain

Eric Melcher, PMP(Engineering Manager at INVISTA China): It’s interesting that this list is labeled as “brands”. I have always associated the term “brand” with consumer marketing. So would I consider Lenovo a brand, sure but State Grid, not so much.

Anyway this is a tough question but if I had to choose 5:

1) Everbright Bank – Great Bank in my opinion, not so big but great service

2) People’s Daily – Easy read with a great opinions section

3) CCTV – For having more channels in more languages than any other media outlet I know

4) TCL – Lesser known electronics company but good quality from my experiences

And Drum Roll…

5) Moutai – For the marketing prowess to make a hazardous substance that is highly prized with people willing to pay a kingly sum for.

Paul Bailey(Managing Member, Emerald City Cafe LLC): China Post Savings…no idea why…but always had a good feeling with a bank run by the P.O….inefficient and haughty as any….but…what can I say…

-AirChina?ChinaAir??…rode ’em both…like ’em both…

-TaoBao..emotional.logic…I love gf…gf loves taobao…I love taobao…

-qingdao…best of the mega-mass-produced brews…(microbrew all the way here)…

-qq tang…guilty pleasure(while in qq gameroom :Dchompchompchompchompchomp)

-tangtang…ok OK!! I’m hooked on cross-stitch…I am turning into a Chinese girl ;D

-shaxian…fujianchain rice/noodle shop…4 times/week…minimum!!…

(don’t have to say anything…they just bring basket 10 jiaozi to table…make sure

got my vinegar & pepperjam :)))

Les Gee(Ooospace Media Group Hong Kong): China Mobile 中移动

China Telecom 中国电信

Double Happiness 红双喜

China Airline 国航

China Rail 中国铁路

Jorgen L. Paustian .(舒雷根)( Pr. and Marketings manager at ZBE Skincare): The most famous Chinese top brands ?

Lenovo ( former IBM computers)

Tao Bao

Tsingdao Bee

Beijing( Be hard promote over all, in the world)

Mao Tse Tsung( Maybee the bigest Chinese brand, all time.)

Frances Nichol(Chinese-speaking events and communications professional China): Ooh I have to disagree with some here.Hainan airlines only offers a disgusting bread roll as food on their short haul flights (it was still over three hours…). Terrible, cheap.

China Telecom are the biggest swindlers out there with the worst customer service and most complex rules imaginable.

Best brands… perhaps:

Tsingdao for making beer that is over 3.6%

Zhongnanhai for its range of lighter cigarettes

Ctrip for its great customer service (on the phone anyway) and ease of use

In Chengdu, Wowo supermarkets for being everywhere, all the time.

Douban for making a nice clean and useful website for social networking around music and events.

Other giants online would get more points if they didn’t pop up unwanted news on my desktop all the time: 360, Sogu, Sina, QQ. Baidu does a great search for transport.

Also in foreign markets, agree with people mentioning Haier, Lenovo, Alibaba.

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