Top 6 Tips on Where to Find Premium Quality China Jewelry Manufacturers Besides ALIBABA

Jewelry business has its roots in many countries but as to jewelry manufacturing, China is still the ultimate destination. When it comes to sourcing the right China jewelry manufacturers, lots of overseas buyers tend to find on some Chinese B2B platforms like ALIBABA, globalsource, etc where it’s fully packed with trading companies disguised as China jewelry factories.

The best China gemstone jewelry manufacturers are usually not on ALIBABA, which is only an online directory with listings of suppliers whom they charge an exorbitant amount of store fees as well as fees for advertising. The “gold supplier” badges displayed on the suppliers’ pages don’t mean they are good suppliers, instead, they pay for the badges. Here we’d love to share with you some tips on where to find China silver jewelry manufacturers apart from ALIBABA.

First, here’re the reasons.

*High Prices

Most of the China jewelry sellers on ALIBABA are merely middleman, even including some bad apples. Besides, they have to pay an annual fee for the store, fees for pay per click or other advertising services as to get better rankings out of the thousands of competitors there. They also have to pay for English speaking sales representatives.


How can you differentiate yourself from your competitors if all of you source from the same platform? Let alone the chances of choosing the same China jewelry supplier, the chances of ordering the same products are quite big as Chinese jewelry factories on ALIBABA tend to copy from each other. Can you get better price than your competitors? What about quality?

Would you trust your China jewelry supplier sourced from ALIBABA to build the first prototype for you? Do you think your designs would be kept credential as promised?

Where to find China jewelry manufacturers besides ALIBABA?

  1. Trade shows

Nothing beats the abilities to touch the real products, feel the latest fashion jewelry trends and talk to your China jewelry manufacturers face to face.

Despite the prevalence of phones, internet and social media, “guanxi(relationship)” still rules in China business. Talking face to face with the person in charge(especially the seniors) helps them to learn more about you, your country, business, how you can open more business opportunities for them. With the deepening of relationships, they are more likely to offer you the best prices, guarantee on quality, delivery time as well as flexibility in payment terms, packing, etc.

In trade shows, you are more likely to find innovative, latest products that the suppliers are not willing to show online or just exhibit several pieces first, when you prove you are a reliable, potential buyer, they will show more. They keep the cutting edge products away from the public except their regular buyers or those being identified as potential buyers.

  1. Referrals

Referrals can be a surprisingly powerful tool to find a qualified China jewelry manufacturer be it from friends, acquaintances, business partners, or other social media you might find the hidden treasure.

Referrals play a great role in maintaining “guanxi” as it might bring you closer with the Chinese jewelry manufacturer based on the previous guanxi. But it’s better to be aware that experience varies as it’s not subject to objective criteria and special attention should be paid to hidden commissions, etc.

  1. Search on Google or Baidu

Some big jewelry manufacturers in China tend to have their own marketing team with professional websites in English or Chinese. Google can provide you a vast directory of Chinese jewelry manufacturers, however, be aware that Google does not verify suppliers as some B2B platforms do, so the abilities to filter and verify quality China silver jewelry manufacturers are a must for sourcing suppliers on search engines.

Don’t miss Baidu, the biggest search engine in China. Use webpage translation tools and do all the searches on baidu, sometimes it might come as a surprise.

This is only recommended to buyers with abilities to verify real China jewelry manufacturers or buyers with experience sourcing from China/certain Mandarin language skills.

  1. LinkedIn

Connect with LinkedIn professionals in jewelry industry in China, there’re more chances you’ll find much high level China jewelry manufacturers than elsewhere.

  1. China Jewelry Wholesale Markets

The lower floors of shops in China jewelry wholesale markets are usually loaded with crappy, poorly made jewelry at insanely low price. Avoid them if you are looking for better quality that would not break in one week.

Usually the top floors are showrooms for jewelry brands with better quality. Take a stroll from the top floors, check the showrooms and see whether you can find the hidden gem.


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