Top 5 Handbag Markets to Profitably Import Handbags from China

A handbag is not only a necessary accessory to complement your outfit, more practically, it is where you tuck your valuables. The handbag business in China is witnessing rapid growth and handbag wholesale markets are flourishing across different regions in China, trying to outdo each other. However, only a few handbag wholesale markets in China have made their presence and here’s a list o top 5 bag markets in China. More exactly, these are handbag market areas as most consist of at least several wholesale buildings for handbags.

1. Guihuagang, Guangzhou
The largest and most famous of its kind in China, Guihuagang wholesale handbag area houses over 20 wholesale buildings for handbags and other leather products spanning along Sanyuanli Dadao and Guangzhou Railway Station. With its strategic location in the city center of Guangzhou, the South gate of China, the business of handbags has been rocketing. It’s estimated the daily trading amount of handbags based in Guihuagang reached as many as 1,5 million pieces.

Some of the most famous handbag wholesale markets include Baiyun World Leather Center, Zhonggang Leather Center, Yisen Leather Market, etc.

The history of handbag manufacturing in Guangzhou can trace back to the 80s under China’s Reform and Open Up policy. In the 1980s, thousands of foreign enterprises specializing in leather goods have been set up and have cultivated many talents in leather goods, most of whom later shared a slice of pie by investing in handbag shops in Guihuagang or handbag factories in Shiling town and Baiyun District, etc.

In 1992, with the incentives from Chinese government, the handbag manufacturing in China was in its heyday. It’s estimated within the five years from 1992-1997 there were1,4 million people involved in leather sector in Canton, over 5,000 handbag wholesale companies set foot in Guihuagang, around 4,000 China handbag factories were set up in Shiling, Huadu.

2. Baigou, Hebei
Dwarf in size while compared with the leather handbag markets in Guihuagang, Baigou handbag markets in the northern Province of Hebei is another paradise for those who are looking for middle-low quality PU/canvas handbags with a budget.

It’s the largest handbag markets in northern China and the most comprehensive manufacturing base for PU leather goods.

3. Yiwu
An indispensable business sector contributing to Yiwu’s fame as “World of Small Commodities”, however, the handbag manufacturing in Yiwu has been decreasing with most leather factories in Yiwu transitioning to fabric factories and the left focus on manufacturing cheap PU products. Still, you can find lots of leather products in Yiwu International Trade City and some streets devoted to handbags including Zhaoyang Street, Huangshan Street, etc, though it is said that almost 90% of these leather goods are originally from Guangzhou.   Related article: Importing from China–Is It Really Cheap to Buy from Yiwu?

4. Nantai, Liaoning
The largest leather wholesale markets in Northeast China, with its key location boarding Russia, international trade of leather goods between China and Russia is flourishing. Most of the handbags from Nantai markets are manufactured from fabric, fiber and PU.

5. Hehuachi, Chengdu
Hechuachi, which means lotus pond in English, is a leather trading area in northwest China. It’s located near Chengdu Railway Station with over 20,000 suppliers and 60,000 people involved in the leather business. However, it is said that about 85% of the leather handbags are originally from Guangdong, China.

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