The 5 Biggest Barriers between Chinese and Non-Chinese at Work

The 5 Biggest Barriers between Chinese and Non-Chinese at Work
The 5 Biggest Barriers between Chinese and Non-Chinese at Work

Richard E(General Manager, CEP Technologies (Chengdu) Co.Ltd): I agree with some of the other comments but not all. I think the salary issue is a key area which has been a obstacle since I started working here in 90s. There is such a huge emphasis on position and salary that employees hop around so much. There is not much of a long term approach to a career. This causes companies to loose a lot of money in training to fight the turn over rate.

I think from a personal note, the fact that you can not be fully accepted into the society. Chinese believeChinais a place only for Chinese in my opinion. There is no long term mixing such as in theUSAorEurope. I can live here 50 years but still only be considered a laowai. I think that is unfortunate and will never change. I never think about someone as a foreigner when I see a Chinese in theUSA. This is one key difference that has troubled me some over the years since I speak the language well and understand when people talk about me.

James Halstead (Overseas Liaison Officer (海外联络员) at Study Links International Ltd) : ‘Thinkning’ ( abarrier to working with anyone, regardless of origin)



Sense of timekeeping and manners,

Cultural references (I don’t think many Chinese would understand references to the Clingers, or The Wobbles, any more than a Westerner would understand a reference to a 九头鸟).

Apart from ‘Thinking’, I believe the others can be overcome. If a person, regardless of where they come from, is close-minded, it is going to be rather difficult to get on with them for example.

KM Ho(General Manager at Ningbo Tristar Forging Co Ltd): 1. When I’m having meeting or discussion, the locals just talks too much on the non-related issues and everyone is talking about the problems. No one is focusing on problem solving. The meeting may take hours but the conclusion is 1 minute.

2. Local never take decision even the smallest decision. Trying to avoid taking decision and responsibility.

3. It is difficult to get people to do thing NOW and get result. Ineffective.

4. Difficult to get solutions. More willing to talk about problems.

5. Never focus on detail and how to do it.

Sanjay Pandya(TRADER at ICBC LONDON London, United Kingdom): Being a non-Chinese, and having worked with Chinese for over 25yrs, the only barriers I came across were those I had created in ignorance, westerners follow the philosophy of ‘When in Rome’, well the same principal can apply when working with the Chinese.


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