Shadong Youli International Clothes Wholesale Market in Shahe Garment Wholesale Center

With an operating history of more than 18 years, Shadong Youli International Clothes Wholesale Market stands in Shahe Garment Wholesale Center, which is the original place of Guangzhou Clothes Wholesale Markets.

Shadong Youli International Clothing Wholesale Market mainly consists of three market areas including north market, south market and hengli market. It occupies a building area of about22,000 m2 with around 1,200 stores. Equipped with a comprehensive set of facilities including 24-hour air conditioner, several elevators, consignment stations, etc, it is a professional wholesale garment market with the largest scale, the longest history and the largest volume of business deals in Shahe clothing wholesale center.

The north market houses a scale of around 44,000 m2 and 1,400 stores. Spiraling floors are specially designed for the market. With its help, there are no special distinctions among different floors, and people can walk straight from the first floor to the fifth floor. The Hengli Buildingis located at the No.10, Shadong  Street. It was built and put into use in 2006. With a building area of over10,000 m2, it is mainly used as warehouse and office building to assist with the business in north market and south market.

Products: Middle and low quality clothes

Address: No.149, Xianlie Dong Lu, Guangzhou (Adjacent to Lianquan lu kou)


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