Private Label Manufacturer in China – What Kind of Tech Packs Do You Need

Every day we receive many inquiries from startups especially those who have completely no clue what kind of tech pack is needed to launch their private label clothing line. When asked if they have their designs or sketches, typically 90% would send us “designs” that have nothing to do with the name.

Here we list some “designs” we used to get which we strongly advise you to avoid, for better manufacturing purpose.

  1. Pictures copied from Google, Alibaba, Instagram or some brands’ websites

Some people tend to mistakenly believe these are their designs. During Canton Fair, usually we get lots of enquires asking to meet as they couldn’t find anything in Canton Fair for private label clothes manufacturing. However, 80% sent us pictures they took from Google, alibaba or somewhere else and claimed as their designs, to produce the same models and put on their tags.

List of Clothes Designs-1 List of Clothes Designs-2 List of Clothes Designs-3

  1. Simple drawings

Neither can any China clothes factory produce private label clothes for you with these “designs”.

List of Clothes Designs-4

In the meanwhile, following are designs/sketches for private label clothes we prefer as reference, for better manufacturing quality.

Sketch for Clothes - Business in Guangzhou-1 Sketch for Clothes - Business in Guangzhou-2Clothes Design - Business in GuangzhouSketch for Clothes - Business in Guangzhou-3

A good tech pack/sketch should be unique/your own idea, covering the structure of the product, measurements, choice of raw materials, accessories, manufacturing ways, e.g., print or embroidery.

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