Importing from China – Preparing China Factory Visits – Part Two

Thorough trip preparations can help you be prepared for a successful visit. The following preparations would fit most occasions although much of it depends on the main goal of your visit.

Bring Your Business Cards

Bring more business cards than you would normally think you need as these name cards are light weighted and very easy to take along with. Almost everybody expects you to give him a name card and if you are meeting several people from the supplier’s part, you can hand out a dozen at a time.

China sim Card

Before heading to China, it is better to check your cell phone provider at your home country to see whether it works in China. Update your cell phone number to any supplier you plan to meet.

The call charges to Mainland China are very high if you are using the sim card from your country, thus, many visitors preferred to by a China sim card after arriving there.

QQ or Wechat

QQ and wechat are popular online chatting software in China, which you can install on your phone and use free either by message or voice message.

Without doubt these are the best cost-efficient way to communicate with Chinese suppliers and also, you can get the latest information about the products from their qq updates or wechat update.

Digital Camera

A digital camera would be a better option even though nowadays many phones such as iphone5, ipad mini, Samsung note 3 are with very good camera functions. During the trip to China factories, you would get many opportunities to take photos of the sample, products, product manufacturing process, quality control operations, etc. With a digital camera in your hands, you can follow close up to the details which are not shown in a catalogue. A spare battery is vital because probably you will use up the first one and do not have time to recharge while travelling between different factories.

You Company’s Catalogue

Bring several sets of your company’s catalogues with you while having meetings with your suppliers. Showing your company in the best possible light would help you leave a good impression and cement relationship with your supplier.

Sketches, drawings and photos of what you are looking for

Bring sketches, drawings and photos of what you are looking for as these better clarify your needs and the suppliers can tell you instantly whether they have these products or tell you where to look for them.

Product Specifications

Note down the specific requirements of the products. For example, if you are importing clothes, you should write down the sizes as sizes in China are different from UK sizes. If there is any need for instruction manual in several languages, then write them down better in bullet points.

Acceptable Quality Level

State clear of your acceptable quality level requirement as quality requirements are a very important cost factor.

Your Shopping list

A shopping list of products you want to buy is necessary to avoid being distracted.

  • Product description
  • Target Fob price in US$
  • Quantity of the first shipment
  • If possible an estimate of your yearly quantities
  • Requested earliest delivery date
  • Destination port
  • Packaging information of other than standard
  • Number of samples needed

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