Importing from China–Is It Really Cheap to Buy from Yiwu?

Hailed as the “Heaven of Small Commodities”, Yiwu is home to Yiwu International Trade City which proudly boasts five phases with over 40,000 shops, attracting flows of visitors from home and abroad who want to import from China. There’s an interesting saying which describes the scale of Yiwu international trade city. It is said that if you spend one minute in every shop in Yiwu international trade center, it will take you at least three months to get around.

Yiwu international trade city
Yiwu international trade city

Low price, by no means, is the greatest advantage of Yiwu International Trade City. However, is it really cheap to buy from Yiwu while importing from China? With the question in mind, I boarded on the flight to this magical city.

It’s not my first time to be in Yiwu, however, it’s the first time here to visit my customers. Before setting foot in the manufacturing business, I’ve been always thinking about buying from Yiwu coz it enjoyed such a great fame for its small commodities and some of the fashion accessories are really so cheap regardless of the quality. However, when I started manufacturing everything went the opposite way, many sellers from yiwu have been buying from us.

As it turn out, I found no pleasure in comparing prices after wandering around for two days.

*It’s cheaper to buy small commodities especially fashion accessories, scarves, etc. from Yiwu than many other places.

*It’s NOT CHEAP at all if you are manufacturer.

Yiwu is better for those who are looking for small commodities with many varieties in small order quantity. The best thing about it is you can collect all the goods in one place without hassles of commuting, sourcing and shipping. If your order quantity is very big, it is suggested ordering directly from factories since many of the shops are not. However, the difference of price between wholesalers and factories sometimes is very small coz of too fierce competition and economic crisis.

If you’re looking for products meeting European or US regulations, then you’re in a wrong place. Guandong would be a better option.

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    • Hi Agnes, thanks for your message. If you are visiting Guangzhou, you can find lots of Africa style clothes and shoes around Guangzhou railway station and Xiaobei. If you need help sourcing, let me know I’ll forward to my colleague.

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