Importing from China – Documents Needed for DHL Customs Declaration

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate of China in 2014 is 5.1%, a much promising statistic while compared with the 10.1% unemployment rate of EU countries. How do we manage that with such a huge population? I always believe that’s because our country creates jobs: tedious paper work πŸ™‚ A case in point is documents needed for DHL customs declaration in China.

You have to prepare for custom declaration supposed your parcels shipped by DHL fits any of the following criteria.
1.The total value is more than 5,000 rmb(about 820 usd).
2.The total weight is more than 150 kg.

Only companies with import and export license are qualified for Customs declaration.

The following are documents needed for DHL customs declaration while importing from China(General trades).

1. Form of Customs Declaration. The most important parts are the HS code and the essential note in customs declaration. Material, category, whether with plated precious metal, logo, etc… must be stated correctly. For some special products, inspection is a must.

2. Commercial Invoice. It is better to print it according to the format DHL provided and in triplicate with company stamp on each one.

3. Packing List.

4. Sales Contract.

5. Goods declaration for exportation, in triplicate.

6. Power of attorney for customs clearance, in triplicate.

7. Power of attorney for commodity inspection, in triplicate.

Then hand over these documents to DHL, and DHL will hand them over to their customs broker. The next thing to do is just pray… Pray that you will not hear from DHL or their customs broker later about this matter, or else you might end up paying extra or spending extra time modifying the documents.

No news is good news! πŸ™‚

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