BIG is a wholesale and manufacturing company based in Guangzhou with an extensive experience in any kind of goods and specialized in fashion and lifestyle products.  Thanks to our 15 years experience, we have selected wholesalers, and small medium size factories that offer us unbeatable prices matched with and timely manner delivery.

Wholesaler and factories hard to find because they are not listed on Chinese market places, neither they participate in useless fairs like the Canton Fair or Hong Kong Jewellery Fair.


Send us your inquiry with the products you need, quantity, pictures and possibly quality you are expecting.

Please, consider that we do not work with cheap and poorly made products, unless you don’t want to sell to your customers products that will break within few days.

We will send our quotation in timely manner and you can take all the time you need to make a decision.

You are welcome to visit our office in Guangzhou and also give a look to our samples. We dedicate to you all the time you need to place your order.

Don’t expect to visit the factories, neither sellers, because we have selected our sources and we are responsible for the entire production process, including quality checking and testing, a very big issue in China, if you have already dealt with Chinese factories and traders.

Below the list of the product categories we work with:

Clothes and accessories for women, men and kids
Gold, silver and steel jewelry
Women and men shoes, handbags and backpacks
Beauty products
Home décor
Electronic accessories.


1. Designing, prototyping, testing, sampling and production.

2. Wholesale and manufacturing with a total buying amount starting from USD 20K, depending on the product category.

3. In the case you decide to produce with us, we also take care of the product quality, sorting, custom/shipping docs and safe shipping.

4. We offer an extra layer of services, that you will never get from other Chinese wholesaler and factories.

A. We will ship at our expenses and for FREE those products that, accidentally, you could get broken or not well functioning.

B. For the trouble we have accidentally caused, we will offer also an extra discount on the second order you will place with us

C. We offer 365 days customer service, even during the weekends we are always reachable on chat and even on smartphone.


  • We are not tour guides, neither we accompany you to visit the markets and/or factories. We are not Canton Fair guides.
  • We don’t offer translations services.
  • We are happy to help, but we do not have lists of suppliers to offer because we are supplier and manufacturer. Feel free to forward us your business enquiry.
  • Often we receive emails from customers that have placed orders with other traders and factories, asking us for help to solve issues with those sellers and traders. We are not a problem solving agency ☺.


Production on custom made designs can require a minimum quantity of 100-200 pieces. A final answer on the MOQ will be given after we see pictures/sketches of your design.

Silver jewelry and gold can be done from 30 pieces, while custom made gold jewelry starts from 1 piece.

As to MOQ of other goods, please send us email with detailed information.



Everyday we receive loads of enquires with illusions that basic economics don’t apply in China, I’m looking for $1-2 high quality T-shirts, starting a high end clothing brand with a budget of $5000, or making several pieces of clothes with budget of several dollars, please note that we’ll not answer to these emails.

We only work with two kinds of orders as followed since we take 100% responsibility of our products and services.

# For clothes like simple T-shirts, hoodies, bandeaus, etc., we work with a total buying amount starting from $10k.

# For other private label clothes required more customization,  we work with a total buying amount starting from USD 20K(you can mix designs, colors and sizes).

Please be as clear as possible and tell us about what types of products you are looking for, style, quantity, target price.

CONTACT US or email us at

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  1. HI,


  2. I am looking for a garment manufacturer for our brand here in Brisbane Australia. We have our own designs and preference of fabric and styles. Can you assist, please let me know how we can work together.

  3. Hi Sally,

    I will be traveling to Guangzhou in June. I am looking for factories for evening dresses. The Quality should be high. Can you please tell me where i can find them. I also need some assistance with purchasing my commodities, container shipping and handling etc. Please help. Thanks

  4. Hello Sally

    Will you please be able to assist me in buying photography props in Gaungzhou. Im coming for the canton fair and is busy to do some homework. Where can i start to look for that. Will also like to chat more about evening dresses and so forth. Is it possible to contact me. Im looking at maternity dresses to dress my pregnant models in. Any ideas. Thank you soo much. Looking forward to hearing from you


  5. Hi sally, can u give me some info about hood Quality clothes and shoes pls so that I can start a online boutique?

      • I wanna kno where can I start buying good Quality clothes and shoes , how do I start, where can I start ordering things from ?

        • Hi Sally … I wanna kno where can I start buying good Quality clothes and shoes , how do I start, where can I start ordering things from

        • Hi Rella, thanks for contact. Are you starting from scratch? It’s suggested to do your ground work, sign up for some professional courses or consultant service. The questions are too broad we can’t give advice without knowing more about you.

      • HI Sally In looking for a high grade quality replica
        Bags,shoes and jewelries watches
        BAGS LIKE lv,gucci hermes,chanel,tomford fendi
        Shoes like valentino,christian louboutin and more
        Jewelries like tifanny and Co pandora

  6. Hi Sally,

    Kindly advise where i can find quality clothes, shoes and handbags shipped to the USA.

    • Hi Dorothy, do you have any plans visiting China and source from the wholesale markets? Do you want to find suppliers you can buy online and ship to the US?

  7. Hi Sally, Please advise how I can get an interpreter and someone who can take me to handbag wholesalers in Guangzhou handbag market with stock available for small min qty 15-20pcs per colour style. I want to find new suppliers and give repeat orders. Also what is the cost for this persons service.

    Thank you

  8. Hi Sally, is it a good day if we were to go GuangZhou wholesales market between 27th April to 1st May 2018. Will it be cold and will all the wholesales shops be opened ?

    Thank you.

    • Hi, it’s quite warm in GZ in April and May, around 20 degree sometimes even hotter, but usually it rains a little and quite humid. The shops are open. Canton Fair is also held around that time. If you’re not coming for Canton Fair, it’s better to avoid that time coz accommodation is quite expensive than normal time.

  9. Hi Sally, i would to improve my hair, bag and cloths business will you help me source for cheap but quality products in Guangzhou

    • Hi Lynnette, thanks for contact. Is this your first time sourcing from Guangzhou? Did you also buy from China before for your business?

    • Hi Michael, thanks for contact and welcome to Guangzhou. My colleague will be in touch with you to see whether we can help. Thanks.

    • Hi Rehan, thanks for contact. Sorry we’re not experienced in exporting herbs. From my understanding there might be more regulations in some special products like herbs, good luck anyway.

  10. hello,Am I able to get M65 jersey material in guangzhou?im planning a trip there from South Africa early March

  11. 1I WANNA KNOW WHEN THE MARKET IS going to be closed for new year for 2018 and when it is open and where is the market of selling diy stuff and home improvement like bath tube and cable sink and other stuff

    • Hi Vincent, Chinese New Year is on the 16th of February, 2018, usually it’s better to avoid coming 15 days before and after CNY. For home decor items you can find in Nan’an Lu markets or the markets in neighboring city of Foshan.

  12. Hi sally i am looking for mobile accessories such as covers,otg pendrives,glasses and also handbags..kindly send me a mail with all the details..
    Regars jayana

  13. Hi I will be traveling to Guangzhou China soon. I’m a small business owner looking to buy hair, makeup, beauty and cosmetics supplies for my store. I need some assistance with purchasing my commodities, container shipping and handling etc.
    Please help!!!

    • Hi Adar, thanks for contact. You can find lots of virgin hair, make up and other beauty and cosmetics suppliers in beauty exchange center, xingfa and Eva plaza. Sure it’s a great pleasure to help with purchase and other handling processes. My colleague will be in touch with you in details. Thank you.

    • Hi I will be traveling to Guangzhou China soon. I’m a small business owner looking to buy hair, makeup, beauty and cosmetics supplies for my store. I need some assistance with purchasing my commodities, container shipping and handling etc.
      Please help!!!

  14. Hello,
    We like to buy pilates reformer machines for our studio (15 pc) also mats and dumbells. Also good quality towels, socks, fancy sport bags.
    Please let me know if this is in your business scope and how you can assist me.

    • Hi Silje, thanks for contact. If you need buying agent service, we can help you source various items. My colleague will be in touch with you. Thanks.

    • Hi Ehtus, you can find a lot in guihuagang leather market if you can also speak Mandarin or Cantonese. Good luck.

  15. Good evening, Sally.
    I am coming to Guangzhou / Guzhen on January 4, 2018, for purchase of Lighting products for my upcoming hotel.
    Please let me know if this is in your business scope and how you can assist me.

    • Hi Vivek, thanks for contact and welcome to China. We help many clients purchase lighting items and load containers from Guzhen. My colleague will be in touch with you about the details. Best regards, Sally.

  16. Hi Sally,
    Hope all is well!
    My name is Vikram Chopra and I have my own Trading and BTL Advertising Production business in Kuwait. I’m planning to visit Guangzhou in January/ February next year to get an overall view of the market and how it can help my business grow.
    I would like to know where I can find good quality hardware materials, machines and equipments (double side tapes, router bits, magnets, spacers, LED strip lights, LED tube lights, transformers, wires, power adapters, etc) with regards to my trading and advertising production needs.

    Need to know about Guangzhou and what services you can offer to help me since I’m coming for the first time. Thank you.

    Vikram Chopra

  17. Hi Sally
    My name is Manish Madhukar,I am willing start hole sale business of mobile accessories in New Delhi. And I m looking for details of manufacturer and trader for the same in Guangzhou.
    Please help me and send details.

    • Hi Manish, thanks for contact. My colleague will be in touch with you regarding mobile accessories. Good luck.

    • Sir I want imitation jewellery please answer me and your contact number my business in Kuwait

  18. Hello, I am also I am looking for an experienced guide that is trustworthy and who knows all the best fashion stores/warehouses/factories with the best prices. I am planning to open a fashion boutique and I’ve heard that Guangzhou is the place! I am not interested in bad quality and cheap clothing. I need a person who can help direct me to the proper channels and contacts for boutique clothing and accessories.

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for contact. Which country do you target at and what kind of clothes are you looking for?

  19. Hi Sally,

    I am planning to set up a clothing business in India.
    I would like to import cloths from Guangzhou market and for that I would need your help. I want to know the complete process from market research, buying particular material from the market at best price and then options of freight from China to India.

  20. hello going to visit guangzhou next month want to import hardware products to pakistan.Bugle Head Phillips Coarse Thread (4 Head) with different sizes

  21. Hi am searching for Pepper Spray supplier(s) located at Guangzhou.
    am sending someone to buy for me the product from 27th august 2015
    kindly connect me

  22. hello, im a motorcycle dealer in south africa, durban, i have been to china in 2014, i will be back in china in may 2015, i have seen and visited some motorcycle dealers and manufactures, im looking for more dealers in china, for scooters, my email: ***

  23. hello

    how can i get more information about your products

    Can I send my email

    Thanks in advance

  24. Hi everyone! I am looking for an experienced guide (whom I can trust) who knows all the best fashion stores (items with fair prices). I am planning to start clothing business. I’ve heard that Guangzhou is a heaven for fashion items, for everything overall! I am not interested in extremely cheap clothes with bad quality. Clothes that I would like to purchase are supposed to be of the best quality (with fair prices again). I need a person who can help me to deal with fashion warehouses (or whatever it’s called) and shipping as well. Please contact me: *** The rest we will discuss vis-a-vis. Thanks! Nazerina

  25. I would like to buy some luxury furniture for my villas. Can you help me locate the following products:

    Model G112: Head thickness skin leather sofa wealthy class western style leather sofa living room

    Model 928: Luxury Lucky Elephant Leather Sofa Set Living Room Antique Hand-carved Solid Wood
    sectional sofa

    Model 918: Villa living room sofa European luxury peacock wood leather sectional sofa

    Model 838: Solid wood coffee tea table marble European creative wooden home luxury wood carving

    Thank you for your help.


  26. 你好我正在为采购物料从中国和OEM制造的手机在中国的业务伙伴,配件,相机,安全鞋,软件等我下周visting到广州
    Nǐ hǎo wǒ zhèngzài wèi cǎigòu wùliào cóng zhōngguó hé OEM zhìzào de shǒujī zài zhōngguó de yèwù huǒbàn, pèijiàn, xiàngjī, ānquán xié, ruǎnjiàn děng wǒ xià zhōu visting dào guǎngzhōu

    • Hi Basem, welcome to Guangzhou and I really appreciate your effort to speak Chinese. If there is anything we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us. Best regards, Sally.

  27. Hi there. I will be in China next week. I would love a sourcing agent and translater to help me build my collection for a clothing company in Australia. Preferably I would like someone who has previous experience dealing with upper class clothing, maybe some fashion experience and who could help me also with shipping and dealing with factories. Please contact me on *** with your rates. Kind regards, Rebeccah

  28. hi i am looking for a business partner in china for sourcing material from china and OEM manufacturing for cell phones, accessories, camera’s, safety shoes, softwares etc. I am visting next week to guangzhou

      • Hi, i m from indore-india. I want to start retail business of electronics gadgets and other articles, men’s and women’s accessories, home decor itmes, wall clocks, wall hanging articles, toys etc.
        Can you please guide me the best market in china for these itmes.

  29. i come to china next week 16 April for canton fair i need interpreter for that .
    you can contact me on my e-mail *** .
    i want automobile spare parts & automobile decoration products..
    thank you

  30. hi i am looking for a business partner in china for sourcing material from china and OEM manufacturing consultancy etc…

  31. hi I want to know about metal fabrication machine or wrought iron machine I am coming to China on 28 th December for one week I need very urgently in formation I have checked all web site but I dint get any information

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