How to Start a Private Label Clothing Line – Different Types of T-Shirt Fabrics

Comfort, style and durability of the fabrics are vital criteria when it comes to launching a private label clothing line of T-shirts. No customer wants to buy custom t-shirts that look stylish and feels great but are worn out after few weeks.

Besides, you also have to take into consideration what you’ll be doing with the custom T-shirts from China, printing, or embroidery? Here we’ll walk you through different types of fabrics for T-shirts and choose the ones suitable for your custom T-shirt line.

Purpose of Your T-shirts

When it comes to starting a private label T-shirts brand produced by China T-shirt manufacturer, it’s important to keep in mind the purposes of the shirts. T-shirts for outdoor sports would require more durable fabrics than t-shirts for casual wear. In the mean time, T-shirts for office wear would require a rough touch which would deliver a smarter and professional look.

Types of T-shirt Fabrics

* Cotton.
Cotton is a much preferred choice of fabrics with its high level of comfort, durable and resilience. Among different types of cottons, combed cotton and pima cotton are better known for combining durability with softness. Combed cotton refers to cotton that has been combed before making into yarns, only long fibers are used, contributing to the durability of the materials. Pima cotton is another type of cotton that is also produced from long fibers, more resilient and capable of retaining the color and shape.

* Polyester.
Polyester is synthetic fabric produced from plastics, strong and long-lasting. Anti-tearing and anti-wrinkling, polyester is a worry-free fabric that can retain the color much longer even after long time wash. Polyester tends to be much thicker and harder while cotton provides more comfort.

* Rayon.
The same with polyester, rayon is another man-made fiber produced from a combination of plant-based materials. In terms of durability and resilience, rayon is similar with polyester, however, rayon is more breathable, making it more comfortable to wear in summer.

* Cotton/Synthetic Mix.
Cotton and synthetic blends would be a perfect option if you like the breezy nature of cotton but prefer more durable fabrics. Fabrics featuring a combination of cotton/polyester/rayon/spandex are used a lot in manufacturing, and you can find a lot of such combinations in different ratios.

If you want the custom design T-shirts to be more comfortable, then go with fabrics that feature a higher cotton content. If durability is what you are after, then choose fabrics with a higher synthetic blend.

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