How to Private Label Your Clothing Line?

Adding a private label neck tag to your custom made T-shirt is a nice touch that reinforces your brand and establishes your clothing line. At Business in Guangzhou, we offer private labeling services to make your clothing brand more unique. Private label T-shirt usually evolves printing or sewing of custom tags.

Printed Tags

Printing custom tag straight into the neck part of the private label T-shirt is one of the most common ways of branding. The clothing tag should be in single color and include the following elements in the design.

* Brand name
* Fabric composition
* Country of origin
* Washing instructions

Sewn Tags

Another widely used way of branding is having your private label tags sewn into the custom label T-shirts from China. Usually they’re placed in the neck, the hem either on the sleeve or the bottom of the shirts.

Folding & Poly Bagging

Folding and bagging the private label men’s T-shirts in a tide manner not only keeps them clean, protected but also add a more professional touch to your customers. Apart from that, we also provide size stickers to be applied on each bag so as to organize these China private label clothes by size.

We offer a complete package from creating the concept, sourcing raw materials, production and shipment. If you are looking to buy wholesale private label clothes, talk to us, our textile experts will walk you through all the processes of launching your private label t-shirts form China.

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