How to Buy Building Materials with No Risk from China (2020 Updated)

Dubbed as “Factory of the World”, China is the largest country buyers across the globe import from. Sourcing building materials from China has been so lucrative that many businesses prefer.

There are three main reasons why importing building materials from China has been a preferred option.

Benefits of buying building materials from China

* Low Costs.

Cost can be an ocean apart if you buy a lot for business purposes.

* Wide variety of products.

The variety of building materials in China is simply mind-blowing. Whatever style, specification and material you’re looking for, it wouldn’t be hard to find or produce your private label products.

* Improving quality and trade practice.

However, there’re also some negative views concerning poor product quality, products might contain harmful ingredients, It’s true in China as well as other parts of the world. There’re shady companies making fast money at any means but there’re also lots of good manufacturers producing high quality products at reasonable rates.

How to buy building materials with no risks from China?

Find Qualified Building Materials Supplier.

There’re various ways to source building materials company from China: online sourcing(e.g.Alibaba, Globlesource), Trade Fair(Canton Fair, NAHB International Builders’ Show, The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show), wholesale markets(check where to buy building materials from China), purchase through a buying agent in China, etc.

Verifying and Assessing the Capabilities of the Building Materials Supplier.

Public records of Chinese companies are duly listed on the Administration for Industry and Commerce websites and you can check easily following information: registered name, social credit number, legal representative, address, registered capital, actual paid-up capital, business status, business scope, date of establishment, etc. The administrative website gives you a basic information of the Chinese building material company, if you are looking for more thorough, detailed information concerning the company, e.g. if the company has ever involved at any legal problems, there’s another advanced app Tianyancha 天眼查, everything concerning the company is listed on the website of tianyancha.

Validating the Products and Checking the Quality Management System.

If something is too good to be true, then it is. There’re lots of cases people lost money to scammers they found online that offered the same products much much less than other competitors did. Getting wholesale building materials from China at low price is one thing, while validating the products and carrying out quality control is a completely different story.

Qualified building material manufacturers in China usually follow closely the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Besides, depending on the countries you are exporting to, it’s necessary to make sure the building materials to be imported from China meet the safety regulations and posses related certificates required to enter the country. Following are some regulations: International Building Code, International Fire Code, International Energy Conservation Code, etc.

Inspect Quality before Shipping.

It’s advised to have sourcing agent in China to do a thorough quality inspection, check substandard or damaged goods before shipping.

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