How Do You Feel About the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

Jenny Tian (Export Manager at Zhuozhou Zhenying Hoist Equipment Co., Ltd): Our company will take part in the 112th Canton Fair,do you have some good or bad experience or suggestion? thanks.

How is exhibition like in your country? I thought it will be many different from China…Could you please share some information? Many thanks.

Stanley Liang (Owner, TONGHENG Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd): I have exhibited at Guangzhou canton fair once and i will never go again.

Canton is too huge i think it is play ground for large company who want to export from China.

If you wish promote your product to China it is better to attend the exhibition mainly for certain industry.

Jenny Tian (Export Manager at Zhuozhou Zhenying Hoist Equipment Co., Ltd): I can NOT agree with you Stanley Liang, you know what? Our company takes part in the Canton Fair every year every time. Although it is the second time for me, but i still love it. I still expect it. On the Canton Fair you can know many different friends, not only for business but also for relationship! Everybody will feel that.

Stanley Liang (Owner, TONGHENG Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd): If you really want to meet new friend you should go to party or bar. Business is business, that is not your intention to exhibit on this show.

For me it is not a good fair but for somebody they might be useful.

muhammad anwar (Owner, smartex Pakistan): Once I attend canton fair and want to attend every time canton fair for business and good relationship with Chinese peoples.

Stephen Brown (Director at EBL Training Solutions Ltd (Chinese Business Support as Part of The EBL Group)): The Canton Fair is a perfect venue for buyers who want to see a range of products as opposed to a specific product, otherwise they might decide to attend a specialist exhibition for that type of product only. A fact finding visit to the fair often sparks new ideas for entrepreneurs and is good for those people who are new to doing business in Guangzhou. A visit to the fair can also be very useful to see how international companies are exhibiting to the vast Guangzhou wholesale market. Relationship building is very important and so a visit to China is recommended as opposed to trying to do business 6000 miles away over the internet and by email. Apart from business it is great to see China, its people and Culture and I have made some very good friends there ! ( and as Stanley says often in the bar or restaurant after a long day at the exhibition) Visitor numbers continue to rise from the first event in 1957 and now tops 200,000 twice a year !!! Gan Bei !

Stanley Liang (Owner, TONGHENG Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd): Hi Stephen, I can’t disagree what you are saying, for a buyer canton fair is like a huge supermarket that at least take you 3 days to see every corner in each phase. For foreigner i always recommended they visit Canton Fair to see what is made in China nowadays.

However our position is different, canton fair cost us minimum of USD5000 per 9cbm if you have export licenses and got the booking directly from the event organizers. If you buying from a agent might cost twice. Plus hotel and air ticket, i’m sure if your purpose is not looking a buyer you wouldn’t come to this show.

For a foreign company, if they want to promote their product to China market, this fair definitely not a fair for them. Beside exhibitors, Canton fair is only allow oversea visitor can go inside, that’s why.

Cornelius Mueller (Director at Sinoland Worldwide Ltd China): The Canton Fair makes sense when the visitor prepares him/ herself very well and sticks to the schedule. Just going there doesn’t make much sense. Too many trading companies (the inexperienced visitor wouldn’t know how to distinguish them from real manufacturers) and quite a few of them are more than questionable. Beware of the touts being present all over the place and invite you ‘to visit our factory, it’s only a short drive away’. You might end up sitting the whole day in a car and see a factory which has nothing to offer what you want.

Going to more specialized events often makes much more sense. Important: Reserve a few days time after the show and visit the factories of which you had a good impression at the fair.

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