How Difficult It Is for an Honest Sales Person in the Chinese Market?

In a market, almost everyone lies. How to do a better sales work without sacrificing your honest?

Frank Xu: How difficult it is to be just an REALLY HONEST person, after he or she became an adult… don’t you think.

Edward Liu: It’s very difficult, can’t be changed in next decades.

Aiden Su: Fact is that”I don’t intent to be a liar, just people like to listen falsehood.”

Adrian Allen: I think there is a big difference between being blatantly dishonest and putting forward the most positive case as a sales presentation. A good sales presentation will always highlight benefits and values and will try to ignore any pitfalls. Could this be seen as being dishonest by omission? or is it a case of buyer beware (and do due diligence)

Real dishonesty never really wins in the longer term because it destroys credibility. Whilst you may get a sale you are unlikely to get repeat business or recommendations

The challenge of course is that in the Chinese market there is the impression that neither side trust the other even if in fact both have honest intentions.

Paul Chen: For long term the honest get reward誠實是上帝送給人類最美的祝福

John Uru: Honesty comes with reliability then accumulated and become Credibility. Doing business with China is in fact the same as you deal with any country in this world. Many liars however, you need to have Wisdom to make decision of Go or No Go….

Tess Zhang: Thank you all for your comment, but my question is how do you stick to your honesty when a situation gives you no space to be honest or a situation you are not able to say the truth?

Gustavo Bottan: There is no universal definition of honesty. It is very personal. You will have to figure out for yourself what is important to you and what defines you regardless of consequences. Your choice may well end up being: do you want financial success (getting a sale, advancing your career, etc.) because you find a way to justify to yourself your decision or you want to sleep well at night and in the twilight of your life, look back and be proud of your conduct?

Tess Zhang: Everyone answers this question from a different angle. Yes I agree with Gustavo Bottan, sometimes we have to give up a sales in order to sleep well at night. But this is not easy, you have to deal with both angel and devil at the same time hehe. Not much we can do in some cases.

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