Hidden Risks Shipping by UPS from China

I never thought the same thing which I’ve heard some rumors about years ago would happen to me.

I’ve been receiving calls everyday from someone who claimed to be UPS and was told that I had to pay for shipping fees of about 1600 USD coz the recipient refused to pay for it.

Six months ago, one of my clients from the United States ordered about 2,000 usd handbags from Guangzhou handbags wholesale markets. When the handbags were ready I shipped by UPS to him with the UPS account he provided and the shipping fee would be paid upon arrival. However, as told by “UPS”, since the recipient didn’t pay for the shipping fee, the shipper has to be responsible for it, so “UPS” has been chasing me like crazy for the shipping fee unpaid after almost half a year.

My client is such a nice, kind person that I trust him so much! To save his inconvenience, instead of asking him to arrange UPS picking up in his company name, I arranged goods picking up with UPS in our company name, and here the trouble came…

So I decided the best way is to take it in a delightful way when UPS chased me again in the phone for the shipping fee,

“It must be telephone SCAM! ”

It must be SCAM.

My ignorance amused me again.

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