Guide on Importing High Quality Private Label T-shirts from China

A T-shirt supplier is vital to custom t-shirts business owners who prefer to go through an in-house fulfillment model than drop shipping. In this post, we’ll help you find out which styles of T-shirts best fit your brand, which printing methods to be use and where to buy blank wholesale t-shirts from China at affordable rates.

It’s simply mind blowing as there’s an ocean of wholesale t-shirts suppliers from China. Selling plain t-shirts at wholesale prices, these businesses help many t-shirts startups to run a profitable venture. Not making profits from it but for charity run or other good causes? Get some ideas for charity shirts from China.

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding private label t-shirts from China are: is it better to blank t-shirts of better quality? Shall we go for 100% cotton shirts? For business purpose, you would want to make sure the quality of the t-shirts meet/exceed the customers’ expectation. Another important factor to take into consideration is the design you’re going to put on the t-shirts, the fabrics and printing methods better suit.

Some customers go with 100% cotton t-shirts while others prefer 50% cotton 50% polyester. Some think 100% cotton shirts are of much better quality while others think 50/50 cotton/polyester are better for fashion and more wallet-friendly. If you’re targeting at a much elder audience living in cold place, then heavyweight t-shirts would be better choice. Lightweight, breathable t-shirts are more suitable for younger people in warm weather.

Another good thing for wholesale blank t-shirts is that the more shirts you buy, the more discount you would get. Rather than paying USD $12 for a t-shirt from the store, you could pay as low as $2.5 per shirt if you are buying from China clothes manufacturer.

Next comes to T-shirt printing techniques. If your design is very simple in few colors, screen printing is the second to none choice as it’s widely in use. However, if your design features various colors in complicated pattern, a direct-to-garment printing or sublimation process is more suitable. With its long lifespan and durability, screen printing has been the leading t-shirts printing technique, however, it’s limited in the amount of colors a design has.

The ultimate goal of printing patterns into t-shirts is to get the most vibrant, long lasting effect that wouldn’t fake away after a few washes. Many factors could lead to low quality prints, e.g. old PTG machine, broken screen printing or sublimation equipment, poor quality supplies, other machine or human mistakes, etc. On the contrary, with the right T-shirts and suitable printing technique, you would most likely get t-shirts of higher quality for your customers.

Where to buy wholesale t-shirts from China at affordable rates?

At, we offer a vast collection of high quality t-shirts/shirts featuring fabrics meticulously chosen by our Italian textile experts.

Before contacting us, here’s a quick outline we suggested you take a look first.
* What kind of fabrics do you want? 100% cotton, cotton mixed with polyester, spandex?
* How many t-shirts do you need, colors, sizes?
* What designs are you planning to print on the wholesale plain t-shirts from China and what printing technique do you prefer?
* How long do you expect to receive the shirts you order?

Send us an email now, our experienced textile representatives will walk you through the hassles of producing your private label shirts from China.

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