20 China Shoes Wholesale Markets to Put in Your Itinerary (Updated for 2020)

Wholesale markets are a huge part of Cantonese culture and Guangzhou has some of the best and largest wholesale markets in the world. Those of you who’ve frequented the city know that there’s pretty much a wholesale market in every corner. We quite often get lots of emails from wholesalers, savvy shoppers and bargain hunters who want to buy in bulk various products especially clothes and shoes to sell back home.

If you’re looking to import shoes from China that you can resell in your country for a nifty profit, the southern city of Guangzhou, with huge scale of shoes wholesale markets scattering around the city is your go-to place. The city houses over 20 shoes wholesale markets where you’re guaranteed to get whatever you’re looking for. I’ve combed the city and come up with a list of 20 shoes markets in Guangzhou that we recommend you to consider on your shopping itinerary.

From geographic location the shoes wholesale markets in Guangzhou can be divided into three business centers.

  • Huanshixi shoes wholesale markets center

  • Jiefangnan shoes wholesale markets center

  • Shijing shoes wholesale markets center

Shoes wholesale markets in Huanshixi are, in particular, considered as the best for import and export business in terms of quality, design, sizes, etc, while the ones around Jiefangnan focus more on domestic markets with low to medium quality shoes, and the ones in Shijing specializes in shoes surplus or imitations of international shoes brands.

List of shoes wholesale markets in Guangzhou

1. Fuli International Shoes Wholesale Market 富力国际鞋城

Address: No. 37, Huanshixi Road   环市西路37号

2. Fuligong Shoes Wholesale Market  富丽宫鞋城

Address: Zhanxi Road  站西路

3. Global International Trade Centre: Bu Yun Tian Di Shoes Wholesale Market 步云天地鞋城

Address: No. 26, Zhanxi Road 站西路26号

4. Guangzhou EuroCommerial Plaza Shoes City   欧陆鞋城

Address: No. 24, Zhanxi Road    站西路24号

5. New Continent Footwear Plaza    新大陆鞋业广场

Address: No. 12, Zhanxi Road 站西路12号

6. Guangzhou Universe Costume & Shoes Plaza   广州宇宙服装鞋业广场

Address: Keshan, Huanshixi Road   环市西路克山三街20号

Guangzhou Universe Costume & Shoes Plaza is mainly targeted at stock women’s shoes for foreigners.

7. Jiulong Shoes Wholesale Market  九龙鞋业城

Address: Zhanxi Road 站西路

8. Jinma Shoes Wholesale Market  金马鞋业城

Address: No. 39, Zhanxi Road 站西路39号

9. Huichang Shoes Wholesale Plaza  汇昌鞋业广场

Address: No. 103, Huanshixi Road   环市西路103号

10. Zhanxi Shoes Wholesale Street  站西路鞋业批发街

Address: Zhanxi Road  站西路

11. Tianhe Shoes Wholesale Market   天和鞋城

Address: No. 20-22, Zhanxi Road    站西路20-22号

12. Shengqilu Shoes Wholesale Market   胜其路鞋业批发市场

Address: Zhanxi Road  站西路

13. Tongdexi Shoes Wholesale Market  同德西鞋业批发市场

Address: Tongdexi    同德西

14. Golden Dragon International Shoes & Leather Trading Plaza   金龙盘国际鞋业皮具贸易

Address: No. 235, Guangyuanxi Road       广园西路235号

15. Jiefangnan Shoes City – Metropolis Shoes City   解放南鞋城.大都市鞋城

Address: No. 88, Jiefangnan Road   解放南路88号

16. Jiahao Shoes Wholesale Market  佳豪鞋业名厂汇展广场

Address: Guanghua Yi Road

Huanan shoes wholesale city in China-1
Huanan shoes wholesale city in China

17. South China Shoes City   海珠区华南鞋业城

Address: No. 1629, Guangzhou Dadaonan    广州大道南1629号

18. Daxin Shoes Wholesale Street  大新鞋业专业街

Address: Daxindong Road 大新东路

19. Gaodi Street Shoes Wholesale Market 高第街鞋业一条街

Address: Gaodi Street

20. Shijing Guangda Shoes Wholesale Markets 石井广大鞋业批发市场

Address: Shijing, Baiyun 白云区石井

Tips for importing shoes from China

1. Haggling and negotiating on price is always part of the shopping game in most China shoes wholesale markets.

2. Stay away from copy shoes with brand names.

3. Make sure the sizes are converted to the sizes in your country as usually Chinese sizes are used in either clothes and shoes in China wholesale markets.

4. Check footwear regulations in your country before importing shoes from China. For example, there’re some regulations in countries like European Union and United States that you must comply with.

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    • Hi, in official shops of Nike and Addidas or online. You won’t find any original ones in shoes wholesale markets in China, neither do the factories producing for Nike and Adidas sell to you.

  1. Hi Sally, we plan to visit Guangzhou for our shoe business. We are looking for good quality, reasonably priced shoes(they don’t have to be branded). Kindly shortlist top 5 markets that we can visit. Thanks and regards

    • Hi Jitendra, do you have any plans visiting Guangzhou recently? If you are planning to visit Guangzhou it’s suggested to check out these shoes wholesale markets. Thanks.

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