Guangzhou Jiangnan Dadao Wedding Street — A Street of Wedding Dresses

The Street of Wedding Dresses, located in Jiangnan Dadao road in Haizhu District, is the largest wedding dresses market in Guangdong province.

As soon as you pass Haizhu bridge, a glittering array of shops specialized in wedding dresses and wedding accessories would come into your eyes. Various styles of wedding dresses are available in Jiangnan Dadao wedding street, whether you are looking for elegant, dignified Chinese style wedding dress, or novel, modernized European style wedding dresses, newly-couples and couples celebrating their golden wedding, silver wedding can find their ideal wedding dresses.

One of the neat thing about Jiangnan Dadao Wedding Street is that altogether there are 99 stores on both sides,. 99, a lucky number in China, symbolizing long-lasting relationship, is an auspicious number for the newlyweds. Jiangnan Dadao Wedding Street has attracted customers coming from around the world as it operates in diverse ways. You can get wholesale dresses from there or retail, or rent a wedding dress.

The prices of the wedding dresses also differ a lot upon quality with most focusing on middle or low grade dresses, but there are also some high-class wedding dresses.

Wedding dresses as shown at the front of each store are rarely of the same type. Each store has its own magic to attract customers. Most of the wedding dresses are of western style, evening attire and Chinese Qipao.

The price for buying a wedding dress can be very cheap if you go inside the street and find vendors there. Usually it starts from 400 rmb. If you rent a dress, it can be much cheaper and the price can be halved.

History of Jiangnan Dadao Wedding Street

Formed in the earlier 1980s as one of the two most famous overseas Chinese roads in Guangzhou, Jiangnan Dadao is a neighborhood with many overseas Chinese whom have frequent contacts with the outside world. They made use of their own garden and laws to build up stores of wedding dresses. At the beginning, these shops are mainly private potteries, however, with time passed by, it becomes famous for its beautiful wedding dresses and many people were attracted. Gradually, it became a well-known Street of Wedding Dresses in Guangzhou.

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