5 Popular China Electronic Markets to Make Big Profits

So you have witnessed the launching of the newest iPad, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, Samsung Note 3 and as a frequent city dweller you don’t want to be left behind. The first option comes into your mind may be taking a short trip to Hongkong where you can get really great stuff without value-added tax. However, shopping in Guangzhou is another great option if you want to save time and travel cost. Thanks to the fast development and fierce competition in Guangzhou electronic markets, now you can also find good news maybe much better deals than going to Hongkong.

The following is a list of large and famous electronic markets in Guangzhou where you can get the newest gadgets at attractive price. Be sure to know some bargaining Chinese as in most places prices are negotiable. The opening time for electronic markets usually starts at 10 o’clock in the morning and close at 18:00.

1. Tianhe Gangding Computer Markets 天河岗顶电脑批发市场

The computer market area near Gangding metro station in Tianhe is one of the most famous in Guangzhou and enjoys a great fame in the city. If you are looking for the latest gadgets especially computers or computer parts, Gangding can be a second to none option. Most of the shops here both retail and wholesale. If time permitted, it is better to come here in the week as it is really crowded on weekends.

Product range: computers, gadgets

Transportation: Gangding metro station 地铁岗顶站

2. Dashatou Electronic Markets 越秀区大沙头电子批发市场

Just take a stroll down Dashatou and you’ll feel as if you are at a Middle East bazaar not only because most of the buyers here come from the Middle East and Africa, you will also find lots of the latest or second-hand electronic products. Most of the products here are used phones, computers, but you can also find new cameras, fridges, etc. at retail or wholesale price depending on the quantity. In terms of price, it is no exaggerated to say it is the cheapest in Guangzhou. As to transportation, there is no metro line close to Dashatou and the best way is to take a taxi if you don’t understand Chinese while taking bus.

Product range: second-hand mobile phones and computers, cameras, household electronics
Transportation: Taxi or bus to Dashatou (大沙头)

3. Jiefangzhong Lu Electronic Market 解放中路电子市场

This market, a bit smaller than most of other markets of its kind in Guangzhou, mainly consists of little shops selling standard products. A mix of more or less useful gadgets and electronics are available there. It is an ideal place if you are fond of DIY and are looking for spare parts that you can’t find elsewhere.

Product range: DIY parts for computers and electronics
Transportation: Metro station Haizhu Guangchang (海珠广场地铁站)

4. Lingyuanxi Lu 烈士陵园西路

Along Lingyuanxi lu near China Plaza, there is a vast array of little stores selling mobile phones. However, it is not the best place if you are expecting the lowest price. If you have not inquired about the price of the same products you want to buy beforehand, it is better to take a walk around, compare the price and bargain as most of the prices can be negotiable.
Product range: Mobile phones
Transportation: Metro station Martyrs Park (烈士陵园地

5. Nanfang Dasha (near Wenhua Gongyuan) 南方大厦

A special feature about this market is probably the building, which with its illuminated red star on top, has quite a communist feeling about it. Many China homemade commodities are available here rather than western products. Prices are very low but may correlate with quality.

Product range: Domestic (Chinese) electronic products
Transportation: Culture park or Nanfang Dasha bus stop

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  2. Hello I’m going to Guangzhou in a couple of weeks and was wondering if there’s a market which sells transreceiver radios that work on vhf 108-1hz. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  3. Hello im sanga from India
    I want to purchase bicycle and battery operated car and bike where can i get it in guangzhou

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  5. Hello, i want to purchase some baby garments and some electronics from Guangzhou and need a carry service from Guangzhou to pakistan

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    • Hi Mercy, we’re sourcing agent in Guangzhou. Would be happy to help you source these electronics if you need assitance in sourcing. Thanks.

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