Guangzhou Cell Phone Accessories Market – A Comparison of Phone Cases Markets in Xi Di Er

If you are in the business of cell phone accessories, you must know Xi di er markets in Guangzhou and Hua qiang bei markets in Shenzhen.

Xi Di Er phone cases market VS Hua qiang bei phone cases market

Lots of friends have been asking me which market is the best.

In terms of scale and product range, Hua qiang bei market is the largest one with a diversity of mobile phone accessories.

In terms of price, the products made in Guangzhou are more competitive as the labor cost in Shenzhen is much higher than that in Guangzhou. Indeed, half of my domestic customers come from Shenzhen.

Market with Stock VS Markets only accept orders

Guangzhou Nantai Electronic Wholesale Market
Guangzhou Nantai Electronic Wholesale Market

Nan Tai phone accessories market in Xi di er is the only market where almost all the stores have stocks. If you order, you can get the phone accessories immediately or no later than tomorrow.

Apart from nan tai wholesale market, most of the stores in the other markets in xi di er including New Asia Electronic Market, Nan fang building electronic market. Xin wen yuan electronic market, Xi di communication electronic market, etc. only accept orders. Seldom do they have stocks. The stores used to put some samples there, and accept orders.

PS: If you need large quantities of phone cases, then it is better to locate Chinese factories and manufacture your own brand. It is a waste of time wondering in the markets as about 80% of the stores are wholesalers, not factories. It needs intelligence and diligence to find out the 20% factories.

If you are at the beginning of your business, and need small quantity of cell phone cases, than the phone accessories wholesale markets in Guangzhou is a second to none option as many stores allow you mix and match.

It makes no sense going to the wholesale markets but it really worth if you want to get the latest trends in the industry and to establish some business relationship.

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  1. im planning to start mobile accessories wholesale business in bangalore India. Initially i wish to take a stock of 4 lakhs.

  2. hello my name is nadeem iam..from south delhi iam planning to treval guangzhou by sumthing october…visiting for marking a trial to start wholsele mobile all type cell phone protectors …my …contect no ..9891655019

  3. hi my name is ashish i m planning to visit there for my new start of wholesale business of mobile accessories kindly help me on that or send me some limks +919601404362 this is my whatss app number…

  4. Need someone that can always supply me a cheap used android phones for resell In my country(Nigeria) is my phone mo me on whatsapp

  5. Hello my name is Manoj i am from South America Chile , i am planning to travel Guangzhou by April visiting for making a trial order to start a bulk business in all types of cellphone protectors & lamination tempered glass

  6. I’m planning to visit Guangzhou to buy cellphones accessories,what exact address where to buy wholesale price of accessories?

  7. Sally,

    I visited these markets some 15 days back and I must say I almost felt it like Labyrinth.

    As my trip was short, I was not able to explore the markets in detail.

    So will greatly appreciate if you can you please help me with few genuine wholesalers who can assist me now.

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