Guangzhou Buying Agent

Trade Service from A to Z in Guangzhou.

Unlock the door to success with unlimited opportunities Guangzhou markets offer.

Save time, save cost and control risk.

Our Service:

*Product sourcing and market researching.
*General Business Meeting interpreter.
*Arrange competitive hotel reservations, flight, train and car rental booking.
*Business Exhibition and Trade Fair interpretation service.
*China tour guide and shopping assistant in different cities.
*Local market shopping consultancy.
*General document translation.
*Company or office setting up in China mainland and HongKong.
*Goods collection and Local delivery to our warehouse.
*Container Loading & Freight Forwarding Service, including air freight, sea freight, drop ship, and Fedex, DHL, TNT express.
*Customer Follow Up–One Account Executive Policy implementation & Customer Satisfaction Investigation.

For more information, please contact Sally at thanks.

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  1. hello going to visit guangzhou next month want to import hardware products to pakistan.Bugle Head Phillips Coarse Thread (4 Head) with different sizes

  2. Hi am searching for Pepper Spray supplier(s) located at Guangzhou.
    am sending someone to buy for me the product from 27th august 2015
    kindly connect me

  3. hello, im a motorcycle dealer in south africa, durban, i have been to china in 2014, i will be back in china in may 2015, i have seen and visited some motorcycle dealers and manufactures, im looking for more dealers in china, for scooters, my email: ***

  4. hello

    how can i get more information about your products

    Can I send my email

    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi everyone! I am looking for an experienced guide (whom I can trust) who knows all the best fashion stores (items with fair prices). I am planning to start clothing business. I’ve heard that Guangzhou is a heaven for fashion items, for everything overall! I am not interested in extremely cheap clothes with bad quality. Clothes that I would like to purchase are supposed to be of the best quality (with fair prices again). I need a person who can help me to deal with fashion warehouses (or whatever it’s called) and shipping as well. Please contact me: *** The rest we will discuss vis-a-vis. Thanks! Nazerina

  6. I would like to buy some luxury furniture for my villas. Can you help me locate the following products:

    Model G112: Head thickness skin leather sofa wealthy class western style leather sofa living room

    Model 928: Luxury Lucky Elephant Leather Sofa Set Living Room Antique Hand-carved Solid Wood
    sectional sofa

    Model 918: Villa living room sofa European luxury peacock wood leather sectional sofa

    Model 838: Solid wood coffee tea table marble European creative wooden home luxury wood carving

    Thank you for your help.


  7. 你好我正在为采购物料从中国和OEM制造的手机在中国的业务伙伴,配件,相机,安全鞋,软件等我下周visting到广州
    Nǐ hǎo wǒ zhèngzài wèi cǎigòu wùliào cóng zhōngguó hé OEM zhìzào de shǒujī zài zhōngguó de yèwù huǒbàn, pèijiàn, xiàngjī, ānquán xié, ruǎnjiàn děng wǒ xià zhōu visting dào guǎngzhōu

  8. Hi there. I will be in China next week. I would love a sourcing agent and translater to help me build my collection for a clothing company in Australia. Preferably I would like someone who has previous experience dealing with upper class clothing, maybe some fashion experience and who could help me also with shipping and dealing with factories. Please contact me on *** with your rates. Kind regards, Rebeccah

  9. hi i am looking for a business partner in china for sourcing material from china and OEM manufacturing for cell phones, accessories, camera’s, safety shoes, softwares etc. I am visting next week to guangzhou

  10. i come to china next week 16 April for canton fair i need interpreter for that .
    you can contact me on my e-mail *** .
    i want automobile spare parts & automobile decoration products..
    thank you

  11. hi i am looking for a business partner in china for sourcing material from china and OEM manufacturing consultancy etc…

  12. hi I want to know about metal fabrication machine or wrought iron machine I am coming to China on 28 th December for one week I need very urgently in formation I have checked all web site but I dint get any information


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