Finding China Suppliers Online: China Alibaba VS. International Alibaba

Internet is a great source for information and alibaba is the ultimate choice for most buyers in terms of finding Chinese suppliers online. If you only know international alibaba, then apparently you are a foreigner. For Chinese and some smart foreigners, China alibaba rather than the international one is the right option.

China Alibaba

Pros: There are more manufacturers rather than wholesalers on China alibaba, and the price is much more favorable.


Language is the greatest barrier if you do not have a good knowledge of Chinese as China alibaba is in Chinese. If you don’t know Chinese, it is better to get a Guangzhou interpreter or Guangzhou buying agent to help you.

International Alibaba


The greatest aspect about international alibaba is that it is in English. There is no language barrier with professional English speaking sales representatives from trading companies or manufacturers.


Most sellers there are trading companies working with factories. Some factories in China do not bother investing too much in overseas staff, few people in the factory know English and anything related to online marketing, thus, working with trading company is the preferred option. However, a great part of Chinese manufacturers do have China alibaba store as it is much easier for them while compared with the international one.

The price would be a bit higher for international one. Some trading companies on international alibaba get the products directly from China alibaba. Some even copy the full line of products from China alibaba, if there are orders from overseas customers, then they will place orders with China alibaba suppliers.


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