China Visa Service – How to Extend or Get New Visa to China

I have many foreigner friends living in Guangzhou and ask me about the visa issue, like how to extend or get a new one to come in and start their own business?
I really need help here, if anyone have idea or know how to do it, plz tell me.
Really appreciated.


China Visa Service – How to Extend or Get New Visa to ChinaBobby: Just go to the entry exit administration on Jie Fang Nan Lu, go up to the 5th floor which is where foreigners are dealt with and get a ticket from the machine for “information”. Your number will be called and you can sit down with a police officer responsible for issuing visas and you can talk out your options there, they are pretty friendly and helpful usually. If you go to an agent they will charge you thousands in fees so you should try to solve it on your own first.

ducksauceWolf 2.1: I have a visa solution.

It is crazy but it might just work.

Go to the Entry/Exit Bureau and apply for the visa you want.

They are the cheapest agency in town but their work is quite professional and can sometimes be used to travel out of China AND return if you so desire.

Joel_Lau: Hello, for the visa extension, you can go to the exit and entry administration. But for some sensitive countries, they are required to have an invitation from government, if they do not have this invitation, they can not come into China. Regarding to start their business in China, there are many requirement for foreigners.

Ron.Lan: Different nationality has different solutions, for details, can contact me…also, i have been in field of helping people setup their business structure for many years.

principally, foreigner comes into china do imp/exp business, but most of guy they met dont know full scope of imp/exp, this makes foreigners do not setup right structure of biz…even some dont have concept of tax refund.

Psykryph: The only problem with the official PSB place is that, well say if you’ve been here a year or two on tourist visas then you go in and apply for a different visa, they will get very suspicious and probably not grant you a new one. That’s the fix my girlfriend is in at the moment. She has an F visa for 1 year that ends around August next year, but after that, not sure what her options are. 🙁

Tom Jia Li: Get married.

Baiyun Michael: Person A: Hi, golly gee, I wish I could find a trustworthy business for the service or product I require.

Person B: Oh really, it just so happens that I know someone who can provide that product or service you require and all 3 of us have the same IP address, LOL.

Jimmy Jazz: Would a legitimate and professional visa company really have to advertise their services in this ridiculous way? I suspect the ones who have popped up here are probably the ones to avoid….I would even go as far as to suspect that some may even pass the information to the local authorities of the people who are trying to get the visas in the not quite legal way…

In the current climate it is not worth taking the risk.

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