Business in Guangzhou – An Introduction of Guangzhou Handbags Wholesale Market

Looking to import handbags from China but don’t know where to start? Handbags are made not just to  store daily essentials, they serve more as fashion accessory to complement the outfits. Starting a business to sell handbags can be a goldmine. Here’s a quick guide about handbag markets in Guangzhou if you are looking to buy bags from China.

Guangzhou handbags wholesale market is located in Gui Hua Gang near Jie Fang Bei Lu. It is a handbag wholesaling market mainly targeted at middle and high quality handbags, and no other handbag wholesale markets in China can beat it down in turns of scale and sales. It has attracted handbag manufacturers all over the world including the Pearl River Delta, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hongkong, Macau, etc. with its fast development in sales.

History of Handbag Manufacturing in Guangzhou

In the 1980s, about thousands of foreign enterprises have set foot into the coastal cities of Guangdong province such as Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou and Guangzhou, and it has provided lots of jobs for young people around China. The fast development has brought into some advanced management and latest technology in leather manufacturing. It has nurtured lots of experts in the leather industry, and later most of these experts opened their own stores in Gui Hua Gang or in other markets in China.

In 1992, the visit of Premier Deng Xiaoping has encouraged those people with lofty ideas in Guangzhou to start their own businesses, and lots of excellent staff working in the foreign enterprises left their jobs and opened their own leather manufacturing companies or leather wholesaling companies. It is at their period of time that Guangzhou handbags wholesale markets form and develop at rocketed pace. In the following five years, more than five thousand leather wholesaling companies have located their stores in Gui Hua Gang, and it has brought along fast development of neighboring markets. The leather products from Gui Hua Gang market are flocking to all parts of China and overseas. At that period of time, it was estimated that there were about 1.4 million people working in the leather industry, and everyday there are about 900 thousand leather products being exported to other parts of the world.

Product Range

Women’s handbags, men’s handbags, wallets, sling bags, canvas bags, school bags, brief case, etc.

Handbag Brands

Gui Hua Gang leather wholesale market has proudly houses more than five thousand leather brands both from home and abroad with more than 20 different kinds of handbags featuring middle and high quality. It covers a glittering array of brands including Marino Orland, Marshal, Corcodile, Valentino Juden, Napoleoris Dieam, Dissona, Montagut, etc., and the list continues.

Gui Hua Gang leather wholesale market area boasts lots of leather markets of different sizes, for example, Zhong Ao leather center, Dong Sheng leather market, San Yuan Li wholesale square, Zhong Gang leather center, Yi Sen leather center, Baiyun international leather market, etc.

Gui Hua Gang Leather Wholesale Market
Gui Hua Gang Leather Wholesale Market
Handbags Wholesale Market in Gui Hua Gang Market Area
Handbags Wholesale Market in Gui Hua Gang Market Area
Guangzhou Jin Yi Leather Wholesale Market
Guangzhou Jin Yi Leather Wholesale Market
Guangzhou Yi Sen Leather Wholesale Market
Guangzhou Yi Sen Leather Wholesale Market
Guangzhou Zhong Gang Leather Wholesale Market
Guangzhou Zhong Gang Leather Wholesale Market


Gui Hua Lou Leather Mall
Gui Hua Lou Leather Mall

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  1. Hello I going to China Guangzhou to buy gucci shoes replic where can I get the best replic at a good price ????

  2. HI
    I am planning to visit China for purchasing handbags.I want to know how to apply for a Visa and also get information about handbags at low rates in Wholesale

  3. Hi,

    I’m looking for a supplier of ladies handbags and shoes from guangzhou. Any supplier reading this can contact me on wechat or whatsapp at +918146296299 or can email me at

  4. Hy sally
    How can I found fake branded bags with good quality like hand bag, backpack, crossbody, etc but I want the cheapest
    As RMB 50-60 in Guangzhou??
    Please info me

    Thanks before

    • Hi Devi, there are some PU ones in the markets around ziyuangang梓元岗. Average quality made from PU within that price range.

  5. We need name of the agent and name of courier service to help us for importing hand bags from china to India

    • Hi Joy, thanks for contact. We can help you source bags for Indian markets, as to courier, would you like to ship by air or by sea?

      • Thank you for your kind information.We need full address to contact you with phone number.We are interested to buy courier through air or sea. Please inform me the rate of hand bags about 100 kilogram as soon as possible

        • Hi Joy, thanks for your fast response. We’re not shipping agent so can’t give you price. However, we can check and get the best price for you from shipping agents here. But I think maybe you are more comfortable if you contact the shipping agent directly on your own better one from India with office in China.


  6. I plan to go to Guang Zhau after Chinese new year.
    Please recommend market for fashion hand bags, ladies PU hand bags all kind of bags like shoulder, sling , crossbody, backpack, hobo, wallets, evening bags etc, regular and party wear.

    • Hi Varel, thanks for contact and welcome to Guangzhou. You can Find these bags in Guihuagang handbag market and also shiling, the manufacturing base for bags.

  7. please send this email to Miss TAN Gui Xiang, leather factories to produce shoes, bags and apparals.
    from Urs Julius Li, alias Daxiong, Zurich, Switzerland, email:

    • Hi, sorry we don’t know Miss Tang Guixiang, there’re hundreds of leather factories in Guangzhou, do you have other details?

  8. Hey! I am going to Guangzhou end of this month and i am pooling for leather ( saffiano ) passport holders, cardholders and iPhone cases… where is the best to look for moq around 10/20… thankyou.

    • Hi Melody, welcome to Guangzhou. There are few shops in the leather handbag markets opposite to Baiyun World Leather Center selling leather cardholers, keyholders…some leather accessories but there aren’t too many suppliers as most devote to leather handbags. As to phone cases, better to check in xidier phone cases markets but not so many suppliers deal with leather ones, most are made from cheap PU.

    • Hi I am interested to visit Guangzhou for a business deal. But i would like to be assisted with a Duly authorized letter from China to enable me to apply for a visa. What can I you do ? I am currently live in South Africa. Thanks.

      • Hi Richard, welcome to visit Guangzhou. My collegue Kevin will be contacting you to see whether we can help you with visa to China. Good luck.

  9. Hi Sally,

    I am looking for wholesaler of bags (PU and canvas). Could you help me on which is the best market to visit in Guangzhou to buy wholesale? MOQ is around 100, but i am hoping that i can get at diffent color/ design.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    • Hi Maria, there’re lots of PU and canvas bags in Guihuagang, the markets opposite to Baiyun World Leather Center, just across the bridge. Sure you can mix few designs and colors in 100 pieces.

  10. Hi Sally,
    I am going to visit Guangzhou in Nov last week, I need your contact details, in order to discuss more about my visit. Our main product is ladies PU hand bags all kind of bags like shoulder, sling , crossbody, backpack, hobo, wallets, evening bags etc, regular and party wear.

    Thank you and waiting for your response.

  11. Hello Sally,

    Thank you for the wonderful and informational article.

    I am looking to get a reliable manufacturer for Leather Handbags in Guangzhou. I am hoping to visit in Jan/ Feb 2018. I would be grateful if you can provide me more information on my email.

    • Hi Kader, thanks for your message and welcome to Guangzhou. There are loads of genuie leather handbag suppliers in Zhonggang handbag markets, and the moq is very small usually 10 pieces or less. Good luck.

  12. Hello Sally
    Please what are the price range of bags in this markets and which bus stop is close to the market

    • Hi there, as to the price range of bags, it varies depending on the material(PU, leather, canvas, etc.), quality, etc. The nearest bus stop is Guihuagang. However, it’s best approached from Sanyuanli metro station, line 2.

  13. Iam interested in importing fine conference ,seminars and workshops bags. Can I view your samples.Thanks

    • Hi dear, thanks for contact. If you have any plan visiting Guangzhou, it’s suggested checking out the markets for samples. Good luck.

    • Hi thanks for your message. Are you looking for handbag suppliers that can ship directly to the USA? Thanks.

    • Hi Mariem, you can buy retails from Baiyun World Leather Center. Most are retails there but if you buy more you get wholesale price.

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