Importing Handbags from China: Where to Find Handbags Manufacturers in China

Suppliers are crucial to any business especially startups starting from scratches and small businesses to outperform competitors in the rat race. Whatever you want to source, you have to put in the groundwork. If you happen to be in the handbags business and are looking to import handbags from China, hopefully the following information about two handbags manufacturing hubs in China can help you pick up the pace.

Then, where’re the leather manufacturing hubs in China?

  • # Guangzhou(Shiling 狮岭)
  • # Hebei(Baigou 白沟)

Now, let’s get started.

# Guangzhou(Shiling 狮岭)

Guangzhou has many claims to fame and one of them is being hailed as the Leather Capital of China. If you are seeking for handbags from China that are made of better material and with good craftsmanship, then you can’t miss Guangzhou.

A stroll down Guangzhou handbags wholesale markets in Gui hua gang 桂花岗 area, you’ll not be surprised that Guangzhou lives up to its name “Leather City”. It’s a bargain-hunter’s mecca for handbags with over ten buildings of wholesale markets clustered in many floors.

Compared with the chaotic leather wholesale markets, I’d prefer heading over to the handbags manufacturing base in shiling town 狮岭, within one hour and a half driving from city center of Guangzhou.

Where’s Shiling 狮岭?

Shiling, which means “Lion ridge” in Chinese as there’s a local mountain ridge with lion shape, is a town located in the outskirts of Guangzhou. Since the 1970s, the government started planning industrialization of Shiling as a leatherworking center.

At the early beginning, Shiling produced low to medium quality leather goods for domestic and international markets, now with more shifts on high end leather goods.  It’s the biggest leather manufacturing and marketing center in China.

Centered by shiling international leather city which specializes in pu leather, canvas, ribbons, zippers, straps, hooks, etc..raw materials for handbags manufacturing, you can find countless of handbags factories in different sizes surrounding the neighborhood.

A bit similar to the China clothes manufacturers I’ve written on the last post, handbags factories in Guangzhou are also of very small MOQ, usually about 20, 30 or 50 pcs per design and their English is very limited. Most of the handbags manufacturers just cooperate with shops in Guangzhou leather markets and here back in the factory they will focus on manufacturing. For most of them, English is a great barrier.

A worker is cutting different parts of the handbags in guangzhou handbag factory
A worker is cutting different parts of the handbags in China handbag factory

Just like what we use in manufacturing mobile phone covers, a worker is using the same machine with mold to cut the leather into different parts.

A worker is measuring the specificaiton in guangzhou handbags factory
A worker is measuring the specification in guangzhou handbags factory
Workers in Guangzhou handbags factory-1
Workers in Guangzhou handbags factory-1
Workers in Guangzhou handbags factory-2
Workers in Guangzhou handbags factory-2
Workers in Guangzhou handbags factory-3
Workers in Guangzhou handbags factory-3
Workers in Guangzhou handbags factory-4
Workers in Guangzhou handbags factory-4
Guangzhou handbags factory-1
Guangzhou handbags factory-1
Guangzhou handbags factory-2
Guangzhou handbags factory-2
Handbags are ready for packing
Handbags are ready for packing
Showroom of handbags factory in Guangzhou-1
Showroom of handbags factory in Guangzhou-1
Showroom of handbags factory in Guangzhou-2
Showroom of handbags factory in Guangzhou-2

If price is your main concern, go to northern China Hebei province, a manufacturing hub for low to average quality PU/canvas bags at low price. Although dwarfed in size and fame while compared with Guangzhou, Hebei has maintained its key competitiveness with much lower costs of labor and raw materials.

# Hebei(Baigou 白沟)

Where’s Hebei handbags manufacturing hub?

Baigou(白沟), a small town in Baoding city, Hebei province, adjacent to Beijing, is hailed as norther China’s capital of handbags. With labor costs almost 50%-60% less than cities in Pearl River Delta, government incentives, Baigou has evolved into a leading handbags manufacturing base in northern China. However, it focuses more on low end markets and supplies mostly to domestic markets. Interested to know more? Here an article from China Daily would walk you through the development of Baigou from a small town to a business hub for handbags.

A comparison of handbags manufacturing in Guangzhou and Hebei

Guangzhou(Shiling) Hebei(Baigou) Handbags
Quality Medium to high quality Low quality
Production costs High Low
History in the leather industry 1970s 1970s
Geographical location South China North China
Types of handbags Genuine leather, PU, canvas, etc. PU, canvas…very few genuine leather

Which is better for you, Guangzhou or Hebei

There’re a few factors to take into consideration before deciding which leather manufacturing hub is the best for you as the two manufacturing hubs are thousands of kilometers apart.

  • Target market: If your target market is medium to high end with focus on quality and attention to details, definitely Guangzhou is the second to none choice. However, if you target at low end markets more price sensitive, Hebei can be a good option.
  • Materials: In Guangzhou, you can find handbags crafted from an extensive range of materials, crocodile leather, first grade genuine leather, second grade genuine leather, canvas, fabric, nylon, etc, while in Hebei there are very few genuine leather ones.
  • Quality: Most of the handbags factories manufacturing for some iconic international brands are located around the Pearl River Delta, i.e., Dongguan, Guangzhou. The leather manufacturing skill in Guangzhou has reached the level that most of the 1:1 grade copy bags are from Guangzhou. Some replica bags are imitated so well that it’s quite challenging for average people to tell them apart.
  • Location: Guangzhou is the biggest import and export hub adjacent to Hongkong and Macau, while Hebei is in the northern part close to Beijing. For international trading companies buying different items like clothes, led, hotelware or other items with handbags, then Guangzhou outperforms Hebei as it’s easier to collect all the items and ship together.
  • Order quantity: If you order a huge quantity of average quality handbags, you can’t miss Hebei as the labor cost is much lower than Guangzhou. Besides, renting costs and other operation costs are much lower.

Then where to find handbag manufacturers in Guangzhou or Hebei? Following are some commonly known ways to find suppliers online.

  • Search engine(Google, Baidu)
  • Online directories and B2B market places
  • Facebook groups
  • LinkedIn
  • Sourcing agents
  • Referrals

If you prefer meeting in person, sourcing locally greatly increases efficiency, talking face to face with handbag suppliers is a bonus you wouldn’t find while sourcing online.

  • Trade Fairs(Canton Fair, Fashion Week)
  • Industry meetups
  • Handbag wholesale markets

A few questions to ask yourself before going into the deal with the handbag suppliers.

  • What kind of leather goods does the factory excel in manufacturing? Genuine leather, pu or canvas?
  • How is the manufacturing quality of the leather goods?
  • What’s the scale of the factory, how many workers work there, how many bags can they make per day?
  • What’s their MOQ and delivery time?
  • Do they have export license or do they work with export agents?
  • Is your contact easy to work with? Does she/he answer calls/emails in a timely manner?
  • What’s their quality control system? Are they ok with third party quality inspection before shipping?
  • What payment methods do they accept?

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    • Hi Boitumelo, thanks for contact. We’re not handbag factory, however, if you need help we can help you source a right factory or we can refer some bag factories to you, but we have no idea what kind of bags you are looking for, leather or pu or canvas? What about style, age groups, etc?

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    • Hi Lani, thanks for contact. My colleague in charge of sourcing will contact you regarding leather handbag factory. Best regards, Sally.

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    • Hi dear, price varies depending on your quality and quantity. The cheapeast ones are in the northern province of Hebei where labor cost is comparatively lower. Good luck.


    • Dear Murtaza, thanks for your message and welcome to do business in Guangzhou. We can help you set up trading company or find showroom for rent in the handbag market. Sorry I’m now not in China. My collegue Ariel will be in touch with you regarding the details. Thanks and good luck.

  8. hi sally. i want to buy quality branded handbags like prada, gucci, hermes, MK,celine, givenchy. maybe i can get whatsapp numbers so i chat to them directly and choose which ones i need to choose from. thank you. waiting for ur reply

    • Hi Lina, thank you for your message. It’s not suggested to buy copied bags coz of infringments. However, you can find a lot around watch markets in Guangzhou Railway Station and Guihuagang. Good luck.

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    • Hi dear, welcome to Guangzhou. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you regarding big sizes African style clothes. Thanks.

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    • Hi Maria, thanks for your message. We’re not handbag supplier. We’re buying agent in Guangzhou. If you need help sourcing, would be happy to help. Thanks.

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    • Hi Lynda, thank you for your message. Actually it’s not suggested to buy copied designer handbags as first they are infringements second it’s risky. But can’t deny that they are really good alternatives to the original ones with exorbitant price tags. Good luck anyway.

  12. Hi Sally,

    We are looking for a small factory that handles small MOQs with high quality craftsmanship of genuine leather hand bags. We can speak chinese as well and have plans to make a trip down soon. Could you link us up with some of these factories in Shiling? Thanks a lot, looking forward to hear from you!

    • Hi thanks for contacting us. It’s great you can speak Chinese. We have some factory contacts in Shiling but not sure whether their bags are the styles you are looking for. However, you can also source the right ones from guihuagang leather markets as there’re a lot over there.

    • Hi Pepa, you can find copied bags around Guihuagang handbag market. If you need buying agent service, my colleague Ariel will be in touch with you. Thanks.

      • Hi Sally,
        No one contacted me, I need a “buying agent service”.
        Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi, you can find copied scarves either in the handbag market guihuagang or around guangzhou railway station near watch markets, good luck.

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    I am looking for a quality factory to manufacture wallets in China.
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    • Hi Ashnil, thanks for your message and welcome to China. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you. Best regards, Sally

    • Hi Ashnil, thanks for your message. My colleague Ariel will be in touch with you regarding purchase of shoes and handbags. Best regards, Sally

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    I will be coming to china on next week Thursday 03/11/16. Do you know any cosmetics wholesale markets that sells Kylie, Morphe, NARS and other branded make ups with high quality?

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    • Hi Eera, welcome to Guangzhou. You can source around the cosmetic markets: beauty exchange center美博城 and xingfa 兴发广场. Good luck.

  22. Hi Sally

    I am going to be visiting Guangzhou Soon, i am looking for branded bags like Michael kors, Celine, Hermes, Prada and more. Can the factory manufactor those brands for me. Could you maybe provide me with pictures and prices if possible. or maybe u can tell weather i can buy in more quantity(wholesale) with a bit cheap price.

    Waiting for your reply

    • Hi Gaby, welcome to Guangzhou. It’s illegal to use the brand names but you can find a lot here either around Guangzhou Railway Station or Gui hua gang handbag markets.

      • Hi Sally
        We are looking for a factory that can manufacture my handbags models. Can you please contact me by email. I am interested in talking to you.

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        • Hi Andreina, thank you for your message. I’m currently in Shenzhen working on another project. As to handbag manufacturing, my colleague Ariel with enriching sourcing experience will be in touch with you. Thank you.

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      • Hi dear, welcome to Guangzhou. These factories do not manufacture copied bags. If you are looking for copied bags, you can easily find a lot in Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Center and markets near Guangzhou Railway Station. Good luck.

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    I will be in Guangzhou this week and would like to meet with some leather handbag factories. Can you provide me with some guidance as far as where to locate the factories and price point. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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    • Hi Robson,thanks for your message and welcome to Guangzhou. The handbag markets are in gui hua gang 桂花岗.

  29. Hello Bushira, sorry for delay of reply coz was too busy in the factory. We’re very happy to help you with the visa and buying handbags from Guangzhou. Please kindly check your email for more information. Thanks.

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