A Few Thoughts on Good Good Quality Cheap Cheap Price

For a period of time, the most frequently heard phrase in Guangzhou wholesale markets is “Good good quality, cheap cheap price”. The funny Chinglish expression got so popular that even I took taxi with my overseas client, the taxi driver happily asked me, “Have you bought anything good good quality cheap cheap price?” Luckily, this Chinglish phrase is easy to understand. However, I’ve heard foreigners complain many times that they don’t understand Chinese people! The following are some popular Chinglish expressions.


1. You can you up, no can no BB.

This funny Chinglish expression has been added to American Urban Dictionary. Directed translated from Chinese 你行你上啊,不行就不要装逼, meaning if you can, then go and do it, if you can’t, then don’t even criticize it.

A: Can’t imagine Xiaowang has won the scholarship. He’s so stupid.

B: You can you up, no can no BB.

2. People mountain people sea

Translated from a Chinese four-word proverb 人山人海, used to describe crowded people everywhere.

Eg: The dragon boat competition is really great. People mountain people sea.

3. Zhuangability

In Chinese, Zhuang means to “lay, pretend to be” Bi is “pussy” in English. Zhuangbility means “to boast”.

4. Niubility

Niu, the Chinese name for cow, is also used to refer to people who are very capable.

5. Shability

Sha means silly, stupid. Shability refers to people who do silly things to make the situation worse.

Eg: Many people think they are full of nobility, and like to play zhuangability, which only reflects their shability.


6. No zuo no die

It means if you don’t do silly things, they won’t come back and bite you in the ass. Zuo means “do stupid things” or “act silly”.

Eg: Another popular one based on no zuo no die is:

no zuo no die why you try, no try no high give me five

Any great mind knows the meaning?

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