A Comparison of China Wholesale Clothes and Private Label Clothes from China

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar boutique, online fashion shop or just a fashion entrepreneur venturing into clothing business, a sustainable strategy to keep your products selling fast and having happy, returning customers is vital for the business. Two of the most popular ways of finding clothes to sell are buying China wholesale clothes and producing private label clothes from China. Below is a comparison of pros and cons of buying wholesale clothes from China and producing private label clothes from China clothing manufacturer.

* China Wholesale Clothes
China clothes wholesalers tend to have a catalogue or an extensive range of clothes in stock that you can choose from, that’s why you can see the same clothes being sold by different shops.

# Small MOQ
Most clothes wholesalers in China tend to have a very small MOQ if you are buying clothes in stock.

# Fast Delivery
For wholesale clothes with stocks you can get immediately from the shops, warehouses nearby or within few days, much faster turnaround from order to shelf.

# Less Investment of Money
You can start your clothes business with a small amount of money if you’re just buying stocks from China clothes wholesale.

# Sizes
Most clothes in stock are only available in Chinese sizes. Buying wholesale clothes from China is rarely an option if you target at countries using UK, US size charts.

# Labels
Most clothes in stock tend to come with others’ logos stitched, so basically you’re selling other people’s clothes and doing free marketing for their brands.

# Small Profit Margins
The prices of wholesale clothes from China clothes markets tend to be much higher than factory prices, besides, your competitors might also be selling the same clothes by the same suppliers, which means you would have less control on price and small profit margin.

# Quality
Quality is a major issue to be aware of when buying wholesale clothes in stock. No one wants to ruin their business with custom complaints. Unfortunately some clothes in China clothes markets tend to be of inferior quality since lacking of quality control.

Private Label Clothes
Private label clothes are typically those manufactured by one factory under the client’s brand name. It’s also known as OEM, ODM orders, unique products that you can not find in market place. Partnering with reliable, experienced China T-shirt manufacturer to launch your private label clothes comes with many pluses.

# Branding
Having your own label is vital for branding purpose if you are thinking about launching a clothing brand.

# Uniqueness
You can turn your ideas into patterns, choose fabrics, accessories and decide on every detail of your clothing line, which would be a bonus for designers or those who are into create and make a difference.

# More profit margins
Compared with buying wholesale China clothes that your competitors are also selling, manufacturing private label clothes in China tend to be more wallet friendly in terms of production cost. Besides, the biggest benefit is you can sell at much higher prices since they are not available elsewhere and they’re better produced.

# Better Quality
With a reliable private label clothing manufacturer you can easily control the quality of the clothes in the manufacturing process, without worrying that you would get negative reviews or lose customers due to clothing quality.

# Big MOQ
For custom made clothes from China, most clothing manufacturers in China require a much bigger moq normally starting from few hundred pieces per design.

# Long delivery time
Normally it will take at least two weeks to one month for production, however, considering sampling time, revisions, shipping time for confirmation, it can take much longer than expected with time slipping by.

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