A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Private Label T-Shirts Business

So you’re thinking about venturing out to launch your private label T-shirt brand? Below are some points to consider while it comes to starting a customized t-shirts business.

What’s Your Target Market?

One of the first things to decide is what kind of custom T-shirts you want to sell and whom do you want to sell to. Whether you’re targeting at sports events, concerts, students or office wear, one style doesn’t suit all. Choosing target markets that you have personal interests in or have some contacts comes with lots of benefits while selling the shirts to them. Every individual has their own taste. If you spend lots of time chilling out in the local bar with different people, sure you know better what kind of custom t-shirts interest them more than selling to university scholars.

What Kind of T-Shirts Does Your Target Market Like?

After determining your target market now comes to what kind of t-shirts you target market wants to buy. Here’re a few factors to take into consideration.

# What style of t-shirts do they wear in daily life.
# What’s the price range of t-shirts they bought?
# What kind of fabrics do they like?
# What kind of methods used in private label t-shirts manufacturing? Screen printing, embroidery, etc?

What Kind of Fabrics to Choose From?

Choice of fabrics usually reflect the custom label T-shirts’ functional purpose and fashion trends of your target market.

For sportswear, private label T-shirts with 100% polyester or specialist technical fabrics featuring wicking qualities are widely used due to their breathable, durable characteristics.

For fashion T-shirts, fabrics composed of 100% cotton or higher percentage of cotton with polyester blends are much preferred option as they provide a soft and smooth touch, making it more comfortable to wear.

For office wear, polyester/cotton poplin is ideal as it gives a smart look.

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