8 Tips to Start a Successful Private Label T-shirt Brand

Are you thinking about starting a T-shirt business? Since 2005, we’re been dedicated to supplying private label clothing and we’ve put together this step to step guide to walk you through your entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Come up with marketing idea.

Once you are determined to start a private label custom T-shirt company, start brainstorming to get more ideas for the T-shirts with custom labels that you want to sell. There’re a lot to take into consideration: What kind of tee shirts do you want to sell, text shirts, graphic shirts or both? Who are your targeted customers, men, women or children? What kind of T-shirts is in vogue now? Do you want private label shirts in classic colors like white and black, or colorful shirts? What’s the range of your selling price?

  1. What’s your target market?

After you’ve got some brainstorming ideas to start a custom label T-shirt brand, now it’s time to think about your target market. Everyone has different taste. Selling private label shirts for men aged above 30 is totally different from the adolescences. You must focus on a specific market and find your niche. For example, you can sell custom T-shirts to local sports team, university alliance, events, etc. The more specific you can get with your niche market, the easier it will be to sell your custom made T-shirts.

  1. Think about your business structure.

Most entrepreneurs start a business as a sole proprietor but change the company structure to be corporation, LLC or LLP with the business grows. Think about the future plan for your business, how you want it to be and consult an experienced business professor on what’s right for you. Besides, another business mode you have to consider is whether you are selling wholesale t-shirts with custom label or retail. This also helps in deciding your business structure.

  1. Manufacturing T-shirts.

There are two common ways to get your custom T-shirts on sale: buying wholesale t-shirts with no labels or private label T-shirts. Buying no label shirts would allow you to have a variety of tagless shirts in various sizes, colors and styles at minimum costs, so you can try which style works best for your niche market. Another option is manufacturing private label T-shirts, which means to have a private label T-shirt manufacturer make t-shirts based on your requirements, usually it requires a bigger MOQ than buying unbranded t-shirts wholesale.

  1. Print your t-shirts.

Some people stock blank t-shirts and print in house while they get orders, however, that would require all the necessary printing equipments. If you don’t have equipment for printing, then search a local printing company for partnership or opt for private label tee shirts manufacturer that would produce the T- shirts in your name.

  1. Pricing your t-shirts.

Next comes to pricing strategy. When calculating the selling price, make sure to cover the costs of manufacturing private label t-shirts, labeling cost, shipping, warehousing, marketing, your profit, etc. If you are selling in bulk, set up price ranges for buying different quantities, price for buying 10 pieces and price for buying 500 pieces.

  1. Warehousing and shipping.

Many small businesses start out by storing their custom made t-shirts in their home, however, if you don’t enough space at home, don’t want to mess up work with life or don’t fancy going to the post office every day, then considering renting a fulfillment center that can do the warehousing, packing and shipping for you.

  1. Marketing your t-shirts.

Setting up a website or a store on Amazon/eBay doesn’t mean you’ll get swarms of traffic every day. Set up a marketing plan to get your website/stores ranked in the front for the keywords and participate in the sales promotions as much as you can.

Besides, wear your brand of T-shirts as often as you can and let people know about your custom label t-shirts business. Word of mouth is a powerful tool to get your t-shirts seen.

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