4 Tips to Develop Quality Polo Shirts Your Customers Will Love

Quality is always considered as a vital factor when it comes to purchasing polo shirts from China polo shirt manufacturer. Buyers want to make sure the shirts they buy worth the money they invest as well as meeting the quality expectations of their customers. Buying clothing of inferior quality leads to notorious reputation which can be jeopardizing to the businesses involved.

But how can buyers who are not familiar with elements that compose a good custom men’s polo shirt access the quality of the products they are going to get hands on? Here’re 7 tips on how to access the quality of polo shirts and develop premium quality shirts that you customers will love.

1. Yarn. Yarn is a decisive factor to access the fabric quality of polo shirts on sale. The longer the fibers, the better the quality.

2. Fabric weight. Polo shirts with fabric weight of 380 grams will cost more to produce than those with fabric weight of 160 grams per square meter. More raw materials are used in producing heavier fabrics, hence, the higher the cost.

3. Dyeing. Dyeing method is essential to ensure the polo shirts retain the color after long time wearing and washing. For 100% cotton fabrics, reactive dyeing is proven to be much better than direct dyeing, as to polo shirt fabrics containing polyester and cotton, double dyed is necessary to ensure the dyestuff goes into both cotton and polyester fibers.

4. Manufacturing quality.

* Shoulders & Arms.
Make sure the China polo shirts wholesale feature double stitching along the shoulder seam and the sleeve seam as it provides more strength and durability. Besides, polo shirts with ribbed cuffs keep the sleeve from stretching and look new even after wearing for sometime.

* Front.
Make sure the buttoned upper areas of wholesale polo shirts are as functional and stylish. Moreover, an interlined fused placket at the base of the button row would add a more robust touch.

* Collar.
3 ply flat knit collar is usually used in producing premium quality polo shirts than 2-ply ones. 3 ply knit collar tends to provide more strength and durability to keep the shape.

* Hem
The same with shoulder and arm seams, double stitching around the hem is also a vital factor to determine the quality of polo shirts as it keeps the seam neat and prevent it from getting lose.

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