3 Easy Steps to Import Wholesale Fashion Clothing from China

If you are running clothing stores or thinking about starting your clothing line, an inevitable issue you have to sort out is sourcing wholesale clothes. A popular way out is importing affordable fashion clothes from China.

China is still the ultimate go-to place where you can get loads of affordably fashionable clothing items paired with premium quality. Here’s a guideline for buying wholesale fashion clothes from China.

1. Find out regulations for importing clothes from China to your country.

The first thing to do is to have a clear idea about rules and regulations related to importing clothing from China, whether it’s allowed, what kind of garments are prohibited, duties and taxes you have to pay, importing license, etc.

2. Sourcing China clothing manufacturers.

There’re various ways to find China wholesale clothing suppliers, like Alibaba, trade fairs, China clothes wholesale markets, connections, etc. However, most China clothes suppliers on alibaba and trade fairs feature a much bigger MOQ starting from 500-1000 pieces per design for OEM orders.

If you are looking to set up your clothing label without shouldering all the risks, we offer a much feasible solution with an MOQ of about100 piece design. Your clothing ideas will be turnt into reality in three simple steps.

    *Send us your design and detail requirements.

For accurate sampling and quotation please provide detailed information, including picture of your design, size specification, quantities, fabric requirements, tags, logo, packaging, etc.


Our dedicated clothing teams will source the fabrics and accessories from the fabric market, and offer several options for you to choose from, then we’ll make the first sample and ship to you.

    *Mass production.

After confirming the sample, we’ll start the first batch of clothing production.

3. Shipping.

There’re various ways for international shipping.

    By Air

*International Express: DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc.

*China Post

*Air freight from airport to airport.

    By sea

*LCL(Less than container)

*Full container(20GP, 40GP, 40HP)

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