18 Reasons Why Custom Printed T-shirts Are Benefiting Businesses

What happens if you want to add a new t-shirt to your wardrobe? You just browse online or head straight to your local clothing shop and get it, right? T-shirts usually come in multiple sizes, colors and clearly labeled and even there’s no need to try it on as you already know what size fits you. T-shirts are simple essential casual wear in almost everyone’s wardrobe, and printing your own custom t-shirts come with many benefits for the business.

  1. Low production costs

The prices vary depending on order details, ie, order quantity, selection of materials(cotton, polyester, spandex, etc), complexity and size of the printing patter, printing technique and so on. Compared with other kinds of clothing, the production cost of custom t-shirts from China is relatively low. You’ll be surprised at the costs of a wholesale order of screen printed t-shirts with simple letter design.

  1. Endless choices of designs

The choices of designing t-shirts are limitless considering the advancements of printing techniques and inks available now. Virtually any design can be printed onto any fabric, so let your imagination go wild, you can create anything from scratch.

  1. Fast turnaround

The production time of custom t-shirts with prints differ depending on order quantity. However, for a wholesale order of several hundred pieces, usually it takes no more than a week.

  1. A wide range of fabrics to choose from

Here at Business in Guangzhou, our textile experts carefully choose a wide range of fabrics specially for China wholesale t-shirts, ranging from cotton to rayon, polyester, etc. In terms of style, you can go with o-neck t-shirts, ringer t-shirts or polo shirts that are usually ranked as the best casual uniforms for businesses.

  1. Time-saving

With corporate shirts from China there’s no need to think about what to wear everyday. It saves time making decisions, trying on different clothes, etc.

  1. Extra comfort

Casual custom printed t-shirts are perfect for any occasion and nothing is more comfortable and fitting as a t-shirt. Whether you wear it to gym, sports events or in the office, the ultra comfort it lends is simply unbeatable.

  1. Create sense of belonging to the company

Custom corporate t-shirt is not merely a t-shirts. When everyone in the team is wearing the same custom printed t-shirt with brand logo or slogan, the custom t-shirt brings everyone together and feels like a team.

  1. Recognizable

When your team wear the same custom printed t-shirts, your customers would naturally associate it easily with your company. Make sure the customized t-shirts feature iconic brand colors, name or slogan that can be easily recognized by your customers.

  1. Safe for big events

Wearing the same custom printed t-shirts is particularly popular for big, important events as it not only helps keep track of the members but also prevents strangers to infiltrate the premises.

  1. Less distraction

When everyone dresses in their own ways it’s common in an office there would be gossips about what some coworkers dress, the taste of fashion, etc. Wearing the same wholesale printing t-shirts can eliminate all the distractions.

  1. Avoid people standing out

With summer approaching especially in an office without any dress code, wearing the same printed company t-shirts is a great way to avoid people overdressed.

  1. Boost productivity

With less distraction and stronger sense of belonging, the productivity of the team will be definitely increased.

  1. Great to pair with pants or shorts

If your office is a bit relaxed and casual, pair the custom printed business shirts with a pair of shorts, while trousers would be more suitable if you’re looking for a more formal look.

  1. Easy to wear

As wardrobe essential, everyone knows how to put on a t-shirt and it’s super easy, time-saving piece.

  1. Last long

With proper maintenance, t-shirts can last quite a long time.

  1. Far reaching effects

Everytime your employees wear the custom company t-shirts, they’re walking billboards to push your company/business into public eyes.

  1. Build brand awareness

When you’re giving away a well fabricated custom company t-shirt as gifts, they tend to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Who doesn’t like free stuff especially those made with good quality. Whenever they wear the promotional custom t-shirts on the street, they also help push your company into public eyes.

  1. Trendy

T-shirts are never out of style whether it’s in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or even in several decades.

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